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Circo Loco Lyrics Download by Drake PDF/LRC File

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Circo Loco LRC Format
[ti:Circo Loco][ar:Drake & 21 Savage][al:Her Loss][lang:English][length:03:56.83][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:17.01]One more-
[00:18.21]I been blowing through the money like it grow on trees
[00:20.50]I been fucking on a French bitch, c'est la vie
[00:22.89]I just put 'em on a jet, now they all Italian
[00:25.28]Way I'm dressing, till I been to a thousand islands
[00:27.41]This bitch lie 'bout getting shot but she still a stallion
[00:29.80]She don't even get the joke but she still smiling
[00:31.93]Every night late night like I'm Jimmy Fallon
[00:34.30]Crod' shoot from anywhere like he Ray Allen
[00:36.70]Crodie, turn me up, Crodie, turn me up, Crodie, turn me up
[00:41.49]Got a fur on a temp but got me burning up
[00:43.61]Shorty say she graduated, she ain't learn enough
[00:45.74]Play your album track one, ‘kay, I heard enough
[00:48.13]Girl, the driver downstairs, better hurry up
[00:50.52]Savage got a new stick, he wanna dirt it up
[00:52.64]Touchdown in NY, turn the Mercer up, Ayy, Bottega shades with the grey tints
[00:57.42]Introduce me to a nigga, yeah, it make sense
[00:59.81]Gotta put her on the team, got a grey Benz
[01:01.94]Linking with the opps, bitch, I did that shit for J Prince
[01:04.94]Bitch, I did it for the mob ties, Feel like seventeen, two percs, frog eyes
[01:08.93]And I never been the one to go apologize
[01:11.32]Me, I'd rather hit 'em up one more time
[01:14.93]Ayy, known a girl for six months, dinner up at my place
[01:18.65]But I got these diamonds on my neck so it's a blind date
[01:20.78]All my niggas on the roads raising up the crime rate
[01:23.16]Your name not ringing out here, it's on vibrate
[01:25.45]And she took a score now shorty gotta hydrate
[01:27.85]And he did some dirt now my crodie gotta migrate
[01:30.24]Prolly won't see him for some years, when I do though
[01:32.55]Turn me up, Crodie, turn me up, Crodie, turn me up, Ayy, Crodie, turn me
[01:39.62]Ayy, yeah, what? Crodie, turn me
[01:43.08]21, in a droptop Benz like it's '03
[01:45.70]21, had the shooters ain't down from the nosebleeds
[01:47.99]21, gotta get this passport, keep my nose clean
[01:50.38]Bitch tried to burn me up, Keep a man a tuck (Yeah), I'a never slip (Never)
[01:55.20]SF90 rims red like a poker chip (Pussy)
[01:57.48]Rich as hell, still hood, in the stroker's ville (Pussy)
[01:59.61]Pink slip in the glove for the ownership (21)
[02:02.00]Limping with the .30 on like a broke hip (21)
[02:04.39]Red flag giving blood on some doner shit (On God)
[02:06.52]All the opps get a bullet on some Oprah shit
[02:08.91]Went from [Angels?] state to a bigger state
[02:11.19]Prolly woulda had a zombie on me if I woulda stayed (21)
[02:13.50]Still a caught a case if I woulda stayed (Facts)
[02:15.89]I been thugging all my life, that's just how I play it (Facts)
[02:18.29]Still posted in the A' where niggas feel me
[02:20.40]Still gotta see the Gunners on Premier League (21)
[02:22.80]Still gotta keep a gun that's always near me, And I'm down to hit 'em up
[02:26.25]One more time, hit my line, you know that head was great
[02:32.42]Oh, yeah, alright, don't do romancing, One more time, you gotta run the face
[02:41.88]Oh, yeah, alright, One more time
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