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Can’t C Me Lyrics Download by 2Pac PDF/LRC File

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Can't C Me LRC Format
[ti:Can't C Me][ar:2Pac][lang:English][length:05:30.84][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:00.43]The blind stares Of a million pairs of eyes
[00:03.15]Lookin' hard but won't realize That they will never see The P
[00:19.36](You must be goin' blind)
[00:26.89]Give me my money in stacks And lace my bitches with nine figures
[00:30.23]Real niggas fingers on nickel plated nine triggas Must see my enemies defeated
[00:34.22]I catch 'em While they coked up and weeded Open fire
[00:36.87]Now them niggas bleedin' See me in flesh And test
[00:39.12]And get your chest blown Straight out the west, don't get blown
[00:41.93]My adversaries cry like hoes Open and shut like doors
[00:44.85]Is you a friend or foe? Nigga, you ain't know? They got me stressed out on Death Row
[00:49.16]I've seen money But baby, I got to gets mo' You scream and go
[00:52.53]2Pac And I ain't stoppin' ‘Til I'm well paid Bails paid Now nigga, look what hell made
[00:57.19]Visions of cops and sirens Niggas open fire Bunch of Thug Life niggas on the rise
[01:02.11]Until I die Ask me why I'm a boss player gettin' high
[01:05.64]And when I'm rollin' by Niggas can't see me
[01:09.52]The stares of a million pairs of eyes And you'll never realize You can't see me
[01:17.42]Been gettin' word that these square motherfuckers with nerves
[01:19.97]Sayin' they can get with us But picture me gettin' served
[01:22.63]My own mama say I'm thugged out My shit be bumpin' out the record store
[01:26.08]As if it was a drug house My lyrics bang like a Crip or Blood Nigga, what?
[01:30.19]It ain't nothin' but a party when we thug And there I was
[01:33.11]A young nigga with heart Ain't had shit to lose Pullin' my pistol on them fools
[01:37.22]You know the rules D-R-E, you got me heated My words like a penitentiary dick
[01:41.69]Hittin' bitches where it's most needed Money and weed
[01:43.99]Alizé and Hennessy To my Thug niggas in lock down Witness me
[01:48.40]Bail on these hoe's in floss mode The life of a boss player
[01:51.91]Fuck what you thought though My enemies deceased Die like a bitch
[01:55.89]When my album hit the streets Niggas can't see me
[02:02.01]Niggas can't see me
[02:05.04](Y'all niggas especially) (Niggas can't see me)
[02:08.55]Which way did he go George? Which way did he go? (oh)
[02:12.08]Which way did he go? Which way did he go?
[02:17.08]You niggas made a mistake You should've never put my rhymes with Dre
[02:20.42]Them Thug niggas have arrived and it's Judgement Day Hey homie, if ya feel me
[02:24.75]Tell them tricks that shot me That they missed They ain't killed me
[02:27.68]I can make a motherfucka shake Rattle and roll I'm full of liquor Thug nigga
[02:31.81]Quick to jab at them hoes And I can make you jealous niggas famous
[02:35.02]Fuck around with 2Pac and see how good a niggas aim is I'm just a rich motherfucka from the way
[02:39.95]If this rappin' bring me money Then I'm rappin' 'til I'm paid
[02:42.67]I'm gettin' green like I'm supposed to Nigga, I holla at these hoes
[02:46.09]And see how many I can go through Look to the star And visualize my debut
[02:50.41]Niggas know me, playa I gotta stay true Don't be a dumb motherfucka
[02:54.54]Because it's crazy after dark Where the true thug niggas see your heart Niggas can't see me
[02:59.23]Yo, check this out, stay off his dick
[03:02.85](Niggas can't see me) Right before your eyes, I'll disappear from here (you niggas can't see me, hahaha)
[03:12.57]You can't see me (I know it's hard, nigga, I'm all up in your face)
[03:17.62](But you still can't see me) You can't see me
[03:21.50](All up in your range, but niggas can't see me) 20/20 vision won't visualize
[03:26.45](I'm in the flesh baby, but you can't see me) All those glasses won't help you realize
[03:31.00](You blinded, you blinded, you can't see me) You can't see me
[03:39.30](Thug Life, baby) (Don't believe everything you read) (Alizé and weed)
[03:44.61]You can't see me, right before your very eyes You won't even visualize
[03:48.76]Right before your very eyes (you can't see me) You won't even visualize
[03:58.65](Dr. Dre all day, 2Pac)(you can't see me) Niggas can't see me, hahahahaha
[04:06.51](I dedicate this to you punk motherfuckas, hahahah) (This one's for you, BIG baby, hahahaha)
[04:15.93](‘Cause you bitch-ass niggas can't see me) (Niggas can't see me) Oh, oh, you can't see me
[04:32.58](You can't see) See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
[04:38.21]You won't see me Yeah (you can't see me) First, see me, now you don't
[04:51.76]Wanna see me, but you won't Come to see me, but you can't
[04:58.59]Oh, you can't see me, you can't see me (you can't, you can't see me)
[05:09.34]Right between your eyes and you'll never realize
[05:14.45]Right before your eyes, you won't even realize (you can't, you can't see me)
[05:19.26]Visualize what you can't see (you can't, you can't see me)
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