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I Ain’t Mad At Cha Lyrics Download by 2Pac PDF/LRC File

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I Ain't Mad At Cha LRC Format
[ti:I Ain't Mad At Cha][ar:2Pac (feat. Danny Boy)][lang:English][length:04:53.72][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:00.77]Change, shit I guess change is good for any of us
[00:06.14]Whatever it take for any of y'all niggas to get up out the hood
[00:09.22]Shit, I'm wit cha, I ain't mad at cha Got nothin' but love for ya, do your thing, boy
[00:16.92]Yeah, all the homies that I ain't talk to in a while I'ma send this one out for y'all, kna' mean?
[00:25.23]'Cause I ain't mad at cha Heard y'all tearin' up shit out there, kickin' up dust
[00:31.51]Givin' a motherfuck Yeah, niggas, (mad at cha) ‘Cause I ain't mad at cha
[00:37.85]Now we was once two niggas of the same kind Quick to holla at a hoochie with the same line
[00:43.59]You was just a little smaller but you still rolled Got stretched to Y.A. and hit the hood swole
[00:49.07]Member when you had a Jheri Curl didn't quite learn On the block, witcha glock, trippin off sherm
[00:54.81]Collect calls to the till, sayin' how ya changed Oh you a Muslim now, no more dope game
[01:00.72]Heard you might be comin' home, just got bail Wanna go to the Mosque, don't wanna chase tail
[01:06.03]I seems I lost my little homie he's a changed man Hit the pen' and now no sinnin' is the game plan
[01:11.88]When I talk about money all you see is the struggle
[01:14.80]When I tell you I'm livin' large you tell me it's trouble
[01:17.89]Congratulations on the weddin', I hope your wife know
[01:20.86]She got a playa for life, and that's no bullshittin' I know we grew apart, you probably don't remember
[01:26.60]I used to fiend for your sister, but never went up in her
[01:29.41]And I can see us after school, we'd bomb On the first motherfucker with the wrong shit on
[01:34.35]Now the whole shit's changed, and we don't even kick it
[01:37.27]Got a big money scheme, and you ain't even with it
[01:40.34]Hmm, knew in my heart you was the same motherfucker bad
[01:43.43]Go toe to toe when it's time for roll, you got a brother's back
[01:46.35]And I can't even trip, 'cause I'm just laughin' at cha You tryin' hard to maintain, then go ‘head
[01:51.40]'Cause I ain't mad at cha (Hmm) (I ain't mad at cha)
[01:57.93]I ain't, mad, at cha (I ain't mad at cha) I ain't, mad, at cha
[02:07.94]We used to be like distant cousins, fightin', playin' dozens
[02:11.28]Whole neighborhood buzzin', knowin', that we wasn't Used to catch us on the roof or behind the stairs
[02:16.52]I'm gettin' blitzed and I reminisce on all the times we shared
[02:19.51]Besides bumpin' n grindin' wasn't nothin' on our mind In time we learned to live a life of crime
[02:25.15]Rewind us back, to a time was much too young to know I caught a felony lovin' the way the guns blow
[02:30.80]And even though we separated, you said that you'd wait
[02:33.33]Don't give nobody no coochie while I be locked up state
[02:36.41]I kiss my mama goodbye, and wipe the tears from her lonely eyes
[02:39.94]Said I'll return but I gotta fight the fate's arrived Don't shed a tear, 'cause mama I ain't happy here
[02:45.53]I'm through trial, no more smiles, for a couple years
[02:48.34]They got me goin' mad, I'm knockin' busters on they backs
[02:51.26]In my cell, thinkin, “Hell, I know one day I'll be back” As soon as I touch down
[02:56.11]I told my girl I'll be there, so prepare, to get fucked down
[02:59.55]The homies wanna kick it, but I'm just laughin' at cha ‘Cause you's a down ass bitch, and I ain't mad at cha
[03:05.55]I ain't, mad, at cha (I ain't mad at cha) I ain't, mad, at cha (a true down ass bitch, and I ain't mad at cha)
[03:16.15]Well guess who's movin up, this nigga's ballin' now Bitches be callin' to get it, hookers keep fallin' down
[03:21.96]He went from nothin' to lots, ten karats to rock Went from a nobody nigga to the big, man on the block
[03:27.18]He's Mister local celebrity, addicted to move a key Most hated by enemy, escape in the luxury
[03:33.10]See, first you was our nigga but you made it, so the choice is made
[03:36.28]Now we gotta slay you why you faded, in the younger days So full of pain while the weapons blaze
[03:41.10]Gettin' so high off that bomb hopin' we make it, to the better days ‘Cause crime pays, and in time,
[03:46.49]You'll find a rhyme'll blaze you'll feel the fire from the niggas in my younger days
[03:50.38]So many changed on me, so many tried to plot That I keep a glock beside my head, when will it stop?
[03:56.01]'Til God return me to my essence ‘Cause even as a adolescents, I refuse to be a convalescent
[04:01.46]So many questions, and they ask me if I'm still down I moved up out of the ghetto, so I ain't real now?
[04:07.31]They got so much to say, but I'm just laughin' at cha You niggas just don't know, but I ain't mad at cha (I)
[04:13.47]I ain't, mad at cha (and I ain't mad at cha) I ain't mad (hell nah I ain't mad at cha) at cha
[04:24.36]I ain't, mad at cha (and I ain't mad at cha) I ain't, mad at cha (I ain't mad at cha)
[04:35.83]I ain't, mad at cha, no I ain't mad at cha
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