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I Get Around LRC Format
[ti:I Get Around][ar:2Pac (feat. Digital Underground)][lang:English][length:04:19.06][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:00.03](I get around) Aw, yeah ‘Round and 'round, 'round they go
[00:06.69]I get around Still clown with the Underground, when we come around (I get around)
[00:14.81]'Round and 'round, 'round they go Stronger than ever (I get around)
[00:21.34]Back to get wreck All respect to those who break their neck to keep their hoes in check
[00:26.56]'Cause, oh, they sweat a brother majorly
[00:28.48]And I don't know why, your girl keeps paging me (what she say?)
[00:31.29]She tell me that she needs me, cries when she leaves me
[00:33.94]And every time she sees me, she squeeze me, lady, take it easy
[00:37.46]Hate to sound sleazy, but tease me, I don't want it if it's that easy
[00:41.60]Ayo, bust it, baby, got a problem saying, “Bye-bye” (I get around)
[00:44.69]Just another hazard of a fly guy (word) You ask why, don't matter, my pockets got fatter
[00:49.53]Now everybody's looking for the latter (I get around) And ain't no need in being greedy
[00:54.11]If you wanna see me, dial the beeper number (I get around) Baby, when you need me
[00:57.10]And I'll be there in a jiffy Don't be picky, just be happy with this quickie (I get around)
[01:02.22]But when you learn you can't tie me down Baby doll, check it out, I gets around
[01:08.46]What you mean you don't know? I get around ('round and 'round, 'round we go)
[01:14.37]The Underground just don't stop for hoes, I get around (I get around)
[01:17.95]Still down with the Underground, I get around ('round and 'round, 'round we go)
[01:22.87]Yeah, ayo, Shock, let them hoes know
[01:26.48]Now you can tell from my everyday fits, I ain't rich
[01:29.46]So cease and desist with them tricks (tricks)
[01:31.30]I'm just another black man caught up in the mix (mix)
[01:33.59]Trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents (a dime and a nickel)
[01:36.27]Just 'cause I'm a freak don't mean that we could hit the sheets
[01:38.96]Baby, I can see, that you don't recognize me (I get around)
[01:41.62]I'm Shock G, the one who put the satin on your panties (I get around)
[01:44.59]Never knew a hooker that could share me, I get around
[01:46.99]What's up love? How you doing? (All right) Well I've been hanging singing, trying to do my thing
[01:50.31]Oh, you heard that I was banging? Your home girl you went to school with, that's cool
[01:54.21]But did she tell you 'bout her sister and your cousin? Thought I wasn't (uh)
[01:57.03]See, weekends was made for Michelob
[01:58.97]But it's a Monday, my day, so just let me hit it, yo (I get around)
[02:01.79]And don't mistake my statement for a clown
[02:03.58]We can keep in the down low long as you know, that I get around
[02:09.50](‘Round and 'round, 'round we go) 2Pacalypse Now don't stop for hoes, I get around (I get around)
[02:19.49](‘Round and 'round, 'round we go) Why I ain't call you? Ha ha, please (I get around)
[02:26.54]Fingertips on the hips as I dip, gotta get a tight grip, don't slip
[02:30.33]Loose lips sink ships, it's a trip I love the way she licks her lips, see me jocking
[02:34.54]Put a little twist in her hips 'cause I'm watching
[02:37.14]Conversations on the phone 'til the break of dawn Now we all alone, why the lights on?
[02:41.47]Turn 'em off, time to set it off, get you wet and soft Something's on your mind, let it off
[02:46.31]You don't know me, you just met me, you won't let me (I get around)
[02:49.27]Well, if I couldn't have it (silly rabbit) why you sweating me?
[02:52.16]It's a lot of real G's doing time (I get around)
[02:54.62]'Cause a groupie bent the truth and told a lie (uh-uh)
[02:56.91]You picked the wrong guy, baby, if you're too fly (I get around)
[02:59.46]You need to hit the door (uh), search for a new guy ‘Cause I only got one night in town
[03:04.67]Break out or be clowned, baby doll, are you down? I get around
[03:09.26]'Round and 'round, 'round we go (I get around) ‘Round and 'round, 'round we go (uh) (I get around)
[03:19.24]'Round and 'round, 'round we go (I get around) ‘Round and 'round, 'round we go (I get around)
[03:24.25]'Round and 'round, 'round we go ‘Round and 'round, 'round we go
[03:34.25]'Round and 'round, 'round we go ‘Round and 'round, 'round we go (I get around)
[03:57.52]I get around I get around I get around I get around
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