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Only Fear of Death Lyrics Download by 2Pac PDF/LRC File

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Only Fear of Death LRC Format
[ti:Only Fear of Death][ar:2Pac][lang:English][length:05:09.45][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:00.03]Pssst… psssssst… aiyyo Are you afraid to die, or do you wanna live forever Tell me, which one?
[00:15.01]They wanna bury me, I'm worried — I'm losin my mind
[00:18.08]Look down the barrel of my nine and my vision's blurry
[00:20.52]Fallin to pieces, am I guilty? I pray to the Lord
[00:23.35]But he ignores me unfortunately cause I'm guilty
[00:26.07]Show me a miracle, I'm hopeless — I'm chokin off
[00:28.13]Marijuana smoke, with every toke it's like I'm losin focus
[00:31.21]Fallin to sleep while I'm at service, when will I die?
[00:33.77]Forever paranoid and nervous because I'm high
[00:36.67]Don't mention funerals I'm stressin, and goin nutty
[00:39.22]And reminiscin bout them niggas that murdered my buddy
[00:41.88]I wonder when will I be happy, ain't nothin funny
[00:44.54]Flashbacks of bustin caps, anything for money
[00:47.19]Where am I goin I discovered, can't nothin save me
[00:49.85]My next door neighbor's havin convo with undercovers
[00:52.41]Put a surprise in the mailbox, hope she get it
[00:55.24]Happy birthday bitch, you know you shouldn'ta did it
[00:57.89]Everybody's dyin am I next, who can I trust?
[01:00.61]Will they be G's, and they look at me before they bust?
[01:03.17]Or will they kill me while I'm sleepin, two to the head
[01:05.73]While I'm in bed, leakin blood on my satin sheets
[01:08.64]Is there a heaven for a baller? I'm gettin suspicious
[01:11.57]Of this bitch the line busy everytime I call her
[01:14.11]Now she's tellin me to visit, who else is home?
[01:16.50]I check the house before I bone, so we all alone After I nut I hit the highway, see ya later
[01:21.81]To all the players watch the fly way a nigga played her
[01:24.63]The bitch is tellin all her homies — that I can fuck her
[01:27.56]Like no other, now them other bitches wanna bone me
[01:29.81]I'm under pressure gettin drunk, somebody help me
[01:32.52]I drink a fifth of Hennesey I don't think it's healthy
[01:35.34]I see my enemies they creepin, don't make me blast
[01:37.99]I watch the five-oh's roll, the motherfuckers pass
[01:40.54]By me like they know me, smilin as they laugh I put up my middle finger, then I dash
[01:45.15]Niggas don't like me cause I'm Thuggin, and every day I'm a hustler lookin to get paid
[01:51.23]They wanna bury me, I'm worried — no need to lie I pray to God I don't scream when it's time to fry
[01:56.71]Nowhere to rest I'm losin homies, ain't that a bitch
[01:59.27]When I was rich I had clout, now a nigga's lonely I put the pistol to my head, and say a prayer
[02:04.74]I see visions of me dead, Lord are you there? Then tell me am I lost cause I'm lonely
[02:09.55]I thought I had friends but in the end a nigga dies lonely
[02:12.58]Nowhere to run I'm in terror, and no one cares A closed casket at my funeral and no one's there
[02:17.96]Is there a future for a killer? I change my ways But still that don't promise me the next day
[02:23.16]So I stay Thuggin with a passion, forever blastin
[02:25.98]I'm bustin on these motherfuckers in my madness They wonder if I'm hellbound… well Hell
[02:31.56]Can't be worse than this, cause I'm in Hell now
[02:33.85]Don't make me hurt you I don't want to, but I will
[02:36.68]Seen motherfuckers killed over phone bills Never will I die, I'll be back
[02:40.99]Reincarnated as a motherfuckin mack Eleven, cause in heaven there's no shortage on G's
[02:46.28]I'm tellin you now, you motherfuckers don't know me
[02:49.17]”Only fear of death..” “You ghetto niggas” “Only fear of death is comin back reincarnated”..
[03:54.28]Hahaha, I ain't scared to die I ain't scared to die To my homies in heaven
[03:54.32]I ain't scared to die Do you wanna live forever?
[04:04.55]Are you scared, to die? Or will you scream, when you fry?
[04:19.60]I don't fear death My only fear of death is comin back, reincarnated
[04:29.33]This is dedicated to Mental, R.I.P And Big Kato, R.I.P.
[04:36.67]And all you other O.G.'s, who go down I don't fear death
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