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Picture Me Rollin’ Lyrics Download by 2Pac PDF/LRC File

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Picture Me Rollin' LRC Format
[ti:Picture Me Rollin'][ar:2Pac (feat. Big Syke, C-PO & Danny Boy)][lang:English][length:05:14.78][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:02.72]Yeah Clear enough for ya? Yeah right Yeah
[00:10.73]Why niggas look mad? Y'all supposed to be happy I'm free
[00:14.58]Y'all niggas look like y'all wanted me to stay in jail Ho bustas
[00:20.20]Picture me rollin' in my 500-Benz
[00:22.68]I got no love for these niggas, there's no need to be friends
[00:25.26]They got me under surveillance, that's what somebody be tellin'
[00:27.83]Know there's dope bein' sold, but I ain't the one sellin' Don't want to be another number
[00:31.81]I gotta puff a gang of weed to keep from goin' under The federales wanna see me dead
[00:36.37]Niggas put prices on my head Now I got two Rottweilers by me bed, I feed 'em lead
[00:40.78]Now I'm released, how will I live? Will God forgive me for all the dirt a nigga did, to feed kids?
[00:45.73]One life to live, it's so hard to be positive When niggas shootin' at your crib
[00:50.59]Mama, I'm still thuggin', the world is a war zone
[00:53.14]My homies is inmates, and most of them dead wrong
[00:55.85]Full grown, finally a man, just schemin' on ways
[00:58.42]To put some green inside the palms of my empty hands Just picture me rollin'
[01:02.46]Flossin' a Benz on rims that isn't stolen My dreams is censored, my hopes are gone
[01:07.24]I'm like a fiend that finally sees when all the dope is gone
[01:09.81]My nerves is wrecked, heart beatin' and my hands are swollen
[01:12.90]Thinkin' of the G's I'll be holdin', picture me rollin'
[01:17.57]Can you see me now? (oh, picture me rollin') Move to the side a little bit so you can get a clear picture
[01:23.42]Can you see it? Picture me rollin' (picture me rollin') Yeah, nigga
[01:31.89]Ayy, but peep how my nigga Syke do it to you Guess who's back?
[01:35.08]I got keys comin' from overseas Cost a nigga two hundred G's
[01:40.47]I'm a street commando, Nino for example This lavish lifestyle is hard to handle
[01:45.22]So I got to floss 'cause I'm more like a boss player Thug, branded to be a women-layer
[01:50.13]So many player haters, imitators steady swangin' Make me wanna start back bangin'
[01:54.75]So I'm caught up in the game, dress code changed Packin' 40-Glocks, contain em or rearrange
[02:00.24]All that jealousy and envy comin' from my enemies While I'm sippin' on Remy
[02:05.28]In front of black Lexus, Chevy's on the roam '96 big body, sittin' on chrome
[02:09.88]As we head up out the zone, stone-facin' is on You can admire, but don't look too long
[02:15.10]I'm livin' a dream with triple beams and my pockets bulgin'
[02:18.62]It's hard to imagine picture me rollin'
[02:22.57]Picture, picture me rollin' Rollin', picture me rollin' Wheelin', picture me rollin' Picture me yea yeah
[02:39.65]I gots to get the fuck up in it (word) Formulate a caper (caper)
[02:42.90]'Cause a nigga straight sufferin' from lack of havin' paper (paper)
[02:45.74]My bitch fin' to have a bastard, see? So I needs to hit a lick, drastically (shit)
[02:50.51]I see some ballin' ass niggas, and they slippin' in my spot
[02:52.96]And, uh, diggin' the plots (so what?) Checkin' in the park, ‘Pac
[02:55.96]We caught 'em sleepin', he didn't peep you niggas creepin'?
[02:58.52]This how we do it every weekend I dump for madness, it's time to count the profit
[03:02.46]CPO, we got the bomb spot, nigga, time to clock it
[03:05.43]I get the liquor, and you could get the females
[03:07.94]This crooked shit that we inflictin' gettin' street sales
[03:10.39]Move smooth as a motherfucker, me and my .9 I'm as cool as a motherfucker, I'ma get mine
[03:15.60]Now we satisfied, got the pockets on swollen Boss Hog and this ‘Pac nigga, picture us rollin'
[03:22.73]Rollin' Picture me rollin' Picture me Picture me rollin'
[03:35.38]Is y'all ready for me? Picture me rollin' roll call
[03:39.66]You know there's some muh'fuckers out there I just could not forget about
[03:42.70]I wanna make sure they can see me Number one on my list Clinton Correctional Facilities
[03:48.71]All you bitch ass C.O.'s Can you niggas see me from there?
[03:53.19]Ballin' on y'all punk ass, hahaha Picture me rollin', baby Yeah
[03:59.84]All them niggas up in them cell blocks I told y'all niggas when I come home it's on
[04:04.68]That's right nigga, picture me rollin' Oh, I forgot, the D.A
[04:13.41]Yeah, that bitch had a lot to talk about in court
[04:16.52]Can the ho see me from here? Can you see me, ho? Picture me rollin'
[04:23.56]And all you punk police Can you see me? Am I clear to you?
[04:31.59]Picture me rollin' nigga, legit Free like O.J. all day You can't stop me
[04:41.06]You know I got my niggas up in this motherfucker Manute, Pain, Syke, Cochran, Mopreme
[04:49.00]It's sad dog Can you picture us rollin'? Can you see me ho?
[04:57.37]Is y'all ready for me? We up out this bitch Any time y'all wanna see me again
[05:06.51]Rewind this track right here, close your eyes And picture me rollin'
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