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4 Min Convo (Favorite Song) Lyrics Download by A Boogie Wit da Hoodie PDF/LRC File

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4 Min Convo (Favorite Song) LRC Format
[ti:4 Min Convo (Favorite Song)][ar:A Boogie Wit da Hoodie][lang:English][length:04:17.33][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:01.22]Please tell me what you think happened
[00:02.96]Like this time, fuck it
[00:10.37]I woke up to like ninety-nine missed calls
[00:13.35]That's like ninety-nine people I probably pissed off
[00:15.66]Like damn, nigga, I was on a jail call
[00:18.51]Damn, niggas make me hate my cell phone
[00:21.27]Like damn, my nigga, I'm in the studio
[00:23.53]Last time I dropped an album was like a year ago
[00:26.00]Yeah, you tellin' me you starving, but I been to there
[00:28.77]Like growin' up, breakfast
[00:29.85]Lunch and dinner wasn't cereal
[00:31.42]I know what's up
[00:32.10]You just wanna be all in the videos and smoke it up
[00:34.55]I know you ain't really with the
[00:35.71]Shits but you just throw it up
[00:37.48]Pretty bitches in my city litty, they just going up
[00:39.51]Nigga, you just wanna be around me
[00:41.46]'Cause my money up
[00:42.68]Heard them goofy niggas tryna line me
[00:44.49]They don't want smoke with us
[00:45.47]Had to pop an Addy
[00:46.30]I was down, yeah, had to focus up
[00:47.73]Most my niggas dogs
[00:49.10]I hit up bitches that my homies fucked
[00:50.51]I hear too much me in niggas' songs
[00:52.48]So I had to switch it up, I had to switch it up
[00:54.10]Pick out diamonds in particular 'cause I'm just rich as fuck
[00:56.75]Rest in peace to that boy Trayvon, I got my hoodie up
[00:59.25]They know exactly how we give it up, shot a bully up
[01:02.50]And you bitches know that I cannot waste no time
[01:04.55]Bitch, I'm really grindin'
[01:05.78]If I ever said, “I love you”, never mind it
[01:08.32]Especially when I feel like you out here thottin'
[01:10.92]I threaten you, but I fuck with you, let's be honest
[01:13.83]I hide the fact that I love to smoke on exotic
[01:16.18]Flowers, I give you all my hours
[01:18.93]I fuck around, I miss you though, I promise
[01:21.50]Bonnie and Clyde issues, guns around us
[01:24.22]No bozos in my circle, they get cut
[01:26.43]We can't even get around, I got my hoodie on in public
[01:29.28]House arrest in Florida, they always checked up on me
[01:31.77]So when I was in the studio I said I was in Publix
[01:34.75]If you could walk in my shoes, you could walk on water
[01:37.39]Percocets like NyQuil, got my buying sawed-offs
[01:40.30]Since I been in high school, I been feeling heartless
[01:42.57]I swear I was like you, now look at me ballin'
[01:45.16]10K on one fit, fly like I departed
[01:47.75]Stay with that rocket, ooh, I go J. Harden
[01:50.43]Can't tell if I got it, but I stay on it
[01:53.15]And they stay frontin', but it ain't nothin'
[01:55.94]'Cause I make money, talkin' big money
[01:58.40]Mmh, if I go broke, stay away from me
[02:01.26]Mmh, if I go broke, I'ma take money, yeah
[02:03.77]I might go broke in my late hundreds
[02:06.51]It's hard not to talk money 'cause I got money now
[02:09.28]And these chains around my
[02:10.46]Neck worth over two hundred thou
[02:11.92]And Puma just gave me a budget
[02:13.43]I should say, “Fuck it”
[02:14.41]And give it to the schools
[02:15.47]'Cause they need it more than I need it now
[02:17.90]Swear I paid my dues
[02:17.99]I should speak up more though, I'm playin' quiet
[02:19.59]Tryna keep it cool like the time
[02:21.20]I was in the studio with Future and his goons
[02:23.14]Sittin' next to my favorite rapper,
[02:24.58]Actin' scared to say it to him
[02:25.85]Used to bump “March Madness,”
[02:27.24]Poppin' Addys because of you
[02:28.50]After you and Drizzy dropped
[02:29.89]Then I got in tune (Yeah)
[02:30.92]Drizzy, that's my broski
[02:31.98]I appreciate you too, yeah
[02:33.35]First time in the Garden
[02:34.52]It was all because of you, yeah
[02:35.92]I probably was OD-in' to do a
[02:37.32]Song but I was new, yeah
[02:38.70]I can't lie, oh, you was like my idol
[02:40.37]Ask my crew, yeah
[02:41.45]Right when I thought viral was viral
[02:42.94]Tekashi blew, yeah
[02:44.10]And that's my nigga too
[02:45.15]I fuck with you, I swear to God
[02:46.50]Type of nigga keep that shit a
[02:47.98]Hundred, cameras off
[02:49.16]And I'm the type of nigga you
[02:50.38]Might see in Saint Laurent
[02:51.64]Different places, Cleveland
[02:53.80]Miami, but I ain't LeBron
[02:54.22]With different bitches, denims
[02:55.55]Lookin' like they painted on
[02:56.96]Listenin' to “D.T.B”, yeah,
[02:58.61]That's our favorite song
[02:59.95]I don't trust bitches
[03:01.35]Bitches just like me
[03:02.53]That's why I don't trust bitches
[03:03.88]This your favorite song
[03:04.84]I don't love bitches
[03:06.59]Fuck bitches, DTB, no, I don't trust bitches
[03:09.12]This your favorite song
[03:10.54]When you're home, all alone
[03:13.80]Reminiscin' my Dior cologne
[03:15.65]No going back, I really took your soul
[03:18.33]I know, yeah
[03:20.53]Woke up with the chills, oh, oh
[03:22.78]Took a pill with my milk, oh, oh
[03:25.65]Like it's not a big deal, oh, oh
[03:28.25]Free all of my bros, whoa, oh
[03:30.57]Free my nigga PeeWee
[03:32.20]Free my nigga Skills, now
[03:33.31]Man, you gotta see me, see how I came up now
[03:35.91]Used to wear the same shit
[03:37.24]I ain't lookin' like no bum now
[03:38.56]I'm a New York nigga, hangin'
[03:39.92]Laces off my Uptowns
[03:41.32]Grew up in the jungle
[03:42.53]Where they rumblin' for dust now
[03:43.81]Runnin' 'round the BX, RIP to Big Pun, now
[03:46.47]And I don't know why
[03:48.12]I feel like they wanna take my life
[03:50.73]And it's all
[03:54.43]Wanna fuck my wife
[03:56.38]And these niggas wanna take my life
[04:01.35]And it's all
[04:03.89]Yeah, it's alright
[04:06.44]And it's alright
[04:09.39]Yeah, it's alright, mmh
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