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Food For Thought Lyrics Download by A Boogie wit da Hoodie PDF/LRC File

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Food For Thought LRC Format
[ti:Food For Thought][ar:A Boogie wit da Hoodie][al:Me vs. Myself][lang:English][length:02:54.26][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:10.80]I always kept it real with people that was fake with me
[00:13.32]You say it's food for thought, I brought this whole damn plate with me
[00:16.31]I been thinkin' 'bout that shit you said
[00:18.60]Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I need your help, ‘Cause I fell out of touch with real life
[00:23.35]I'm feelin' love with other bitches just to see what that shit feel like
[00:26.95]Intoxicated, I'm on, gets me so gone
[00:29.52]That's when I wake up sober, somethin' tellin' me, “Go home”
[00:32.17]Feel like that means somethin'
[00:33.40]Even if it don't I just don't want you to cut me off and make it look like I be buggin'
[00:37.47]But who the fuck am I to give demands, yeah
[00:39.86]Respectfully, all the power is in your hands, yeah
[00:42.70]Insecurities cover my heart, look (Huh)
[00:45.25]And different bitches just be on my thoughts, yeah
[00:47.92]Fell in love with the lifestyle mic' brought, look
[00:50.56]”Half On a Baby” was your favorite song, yeah
[00:53.55]But I just had to fuck it up, no, it's not your fault at all
[00:57.00]Baby, you woulda done enough, I guess I never had love, steady tryna touch my luck
[01:00.98]Steady pourin' out my feelings and just sittin' in this cup that you fill
[01:04.71]You was a homie, I wanted to love you, but I didn't hate you
[01:09.22]Goin' state to state, was only eighteen when I first got my cake up
[01:11.87]I thought about savin' these bitches before my own damn savings
[01:14.54]Now, I got to keep at least one thirty-eight bezel on my wrist (Woo)
[01:17.69]Two .38s on my hip, three, I know this ain't imported
[01:22.66]But if I pop this trunk, it's 'bout .223s like James and Jordan
[01:26.97]And I just needed ventilation
[01:28.30]Come fetch air with this private jet, we can go to any location
[01:30.87]Took the same pill that I took, no, we can't build our faces
[01:33.27]Numb to the pain, can't feel my face, but it's okay, I feel you
[01:36.46]Just say you're ready (Woo), tone like khaki
[01:38.76]I wanna see how far down you really gon' really make it
[01:41.31]And I cannot be makin' promises, my mind be changin'
[01:43.97]I wanna knock all on your walls and see like I'm your neighbour
[01:46.62]They throwin' shots, ain't got no aim, they never even grazed us
[01:50.08]Lots of foreign cars even if it's reindeer, Hoodie by Rudolph, white shoes
[01:53.96]My hoodie by Rudolph, white shoes, I step, I don't plan on losin' my cool
[01:59.54]Hopped in my coupe and my roof said, “Bye”
[02:02.99]I told my goons to come through, they gon' do what they do
[02:06.17]They don't shoot at no damn sky
[02:08.30]Tequila on forty-deuce, on forty-deuce in New York, I'm that damn guy
[02:13.62]All of my cars, they go vroom, so much guap on my opps when I turn to my allies
[02:18.63]I always kept it real with people that was being fake with me
[02:21.48]These VVs hittin' like a glass of lemonade, baby
[02:24.14]I be that nigga with the juice, you say, Maybe you're wrong, maybe I need your help
[02:28.91]'Cause I feel out of touch with real life, You could buy everythin' except love
[02:32.89]You gotta walk in my shoes to know what that shit feel like
[02:36.89]And then I wake up sober, look, huh
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