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R.O.D. Lyrics Download by A Boogie Wit da Hoodie PDF/LRC File

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R.O.D. LRC Format
[ti:R.O.D.][ar:A Boogie Wit da Hoodie][lang:English][length:03:34.23][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:00.22]Me and you naked, baby
[00:03.04]I wanna taste it
[00:05.64]I won't ever say shit
[00:08.41]You're not my favorite
[00:10.15]I swear, I can picture us naked
[00:12.58]I swear, I swear, I wanna taste it only if I say if I care
[00:15.93]Then I care, I don't just say shit
[00:17.76]Baby, let's get naked
[00:20.05]You ain't gotta worry 'bout shit
[00:22.75][00:25.09]Just be my ride or die bitch
[00:29.42]Yeah, yeah, nah, nah girl
[00:31.40]You the type I vibe with
[00:35.28]Yeah, just hold it down, do not switch
[00:39.15]My ride or die bitch
[00:42.66]This DTB, no I don't trust bitches
[00:45.10]And, I don't mean no disrespect, 'cause you know I love women
[00:47.77]Yeah girl, I know we got problems, but I hate discussin' 'em
[00:50.33]If I fuck with ya, girl then I fuck with ya
[00:53.20]This time, this time, I wanna make love to ya
[00:55.77]Don't you switch sides, baby, I ain't done with you
[00:58.25]Just help me get by, get by these trust issues
[01:00.92]I swear, I swear, I feel uncomfortable
[01:03.70]'Cause I used to call you my baby, but now I'm a dub to you
[01:06.25]Used to pull up on you with flowers, show you my love for you
[01:08.91]You know, we both from the bottom, so I ain't judgin' you
[01:11.57]Yeah, I ain't judgin' you
[01:13.12]But I'm the reason you are this way
[01:15.46]You used to fuck her now you don't even fuck the same
[01:18.39]And when you puttin' on that makeup and lingerie for
[01:21.19]It's something that I wanna say
[01:24.37]Baby if you (baby if you), give it to me, I'ma give to you
[01:27.90]'Cause I know what you want, yeah
[01:29.63]You wanna be in, up in my double R
[01:31.91]Or want the stars in the sky, yeah, in the Louis Vuitton
[01:35.31]Just hold it down for me (woo), you my ride or die bitch
[01:37.78]I take care of everything and pay the bills for you
[01:40.30]And don't you ever fucking ask me 'bout no side bitch
[01:42.95]And anything I say I do for you, I will for you
[01:45.95]I'll be the reason why it's Hermes in your closet
[01:48.55]'Cause you with me, I don't be checkin' but I will for ya
[01:51.15]Tell me something, I don't know, baby I'm nauseous
[01:54.60]Look I be buggin' lately, I been feelin' heartless, huh
[01:57.72]You think I changed, nigga?
[01:59.32]Huh, I'm still the same nigga
[02:02.23]I still will catch a stain, nigga
[02:04.68]Still walkin' through puddles full of pain, nigga
[02:07.23]I'm A Boogie Wit A Hoodie and a chain nigga
[02:09.90]With a guitar now, nigga, I'm a lane switcher
[02:12.52]And a good car now, literally a lane switcher
[02:15.33]Take off your leotard now, girl let's get naked, yeah
[02:18.08]I swear, I swear
[02:19.37]Me and you naked
[02:20.65]I swear, I swear
[02:22.70]I wanna taste it, I never said I care
[02:24.10]And I care, why don't you say shit?
[02:25.78]I stare, get nervous, conversations
[02:28.36]And that you, caught me stutterin' when I say
[02:30.75]Shit like “Can I take you on, on a vacation?”
[02:33.93]I will spin the block, 'cause you're my baby
[02:36.35]I will hate to lose my love for an acquaintance
[02:39.65]My ride or die bitch
[02:42.80]Just hold it down, no matter what, do not switch
[02:48.06]Yeah, yeah, nah, nah, girl
[02:49.97]You the type I vibe with
[02:53.90]Yeah, ride for me never down shit
[02:57.68]My ride or die bitch
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