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RAF LRC Format
[ti:RAF][ar:A$AP Mob (feat. A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti, Quavo & Lil Uzi Vert)][lang:English][length:04:15.48][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:12.04]Dun D-D-D-Deal, hey
[00:14.34]I done came up (Yeah)
[00:16.19]Bustin' down a whole bag (Bag)
[00:17.96]Broke nigga, step back (What)
[00:20.20]Why don't you peep a nigga's swag (Yeah)
[00:21.57]You ain't even gotta ask (For what?)
[00:23.22]What are those? What is that? (For y'all)
[00:25.01]Please don't touch my Raf (Please don't touch my Raf)
[00:27.11]Please don't touch my Raf (For what?)
[00:28.64]I'm racked up like rappers (Uh)
[00:30.56]I'm Raf'd up on camera
[00:32.12]Get knocked out on camera
[00:33.92]Squeeze pump like asthma
[00:35.53]It's rare Raf when I wear Raf
[00:37.51]Bare Raf when I wear Raf
[00:39.47]Might invest into some Raf shares
[00:41.22]Lil' niggas still share Raf
[00:43.03]Yeah and I'm drippin' on racks
[00:45.00]Rick Owens be the tag
[00:46.38]Do the digital dash
[00:48.45]Yeah I'm boastin', never brag
[00:50.09]Please don't touch my Raf
[00:52.04]Bought a Kris Van Assche
[00:53.89]Alessandra Gucci glasses
[00:55.17]J.W. Anderson collab
[00:57.48]Yeah, she pop it like a MAC
[00:59.08]Yeah, she drop it on the bag
[01:00.80]I'ma buy another bag
[01:02.83]'Cause she always bring it back
[01:04.57]Yeah, you know how to make it last
[01:06.26]Plus a nigga keepin' tabs
[01:08.16]I'ma fly first class
[01:09.81]Quavo hit 'em with the dab
[01:11.65]Please don't touch my Raf Simons
[01:13.42]Hoe, don't step on my Raf Simons (Raf)
[01:15.17]Hoe, don't step on my Raf Simons (Raf)
[01:17.11]Hoe, don't step on my Raf Simons (Raf)
[01:18.65]Do you know how much I'm spendin'? (Woo)
[01:20.38]My closet it worth 'bout a milli' (Yeah, yeah)
[01:22.03]Took the lil' bitch to the runway
[01:24.29]Now she naked in the kitchen (Ooh)
[01:26.05]Raf Simons (Aye)
[01:27.36]All kind of crazy colors (Aye, aye)
[01:29.51]Livin' color (Colors)
[01:30.98]Left wrist, Rollie butter (Ice)
[01:33.07]Maison Margiela my sweater (Margiela)
[01:34.99]Momma told me never settle (Momma)
[01:36.61]Raf Simons, don't lace 'em (Raf)
[01:38.50]Got your bitch wanna date him (Ooh)
[01:40.12]Huh? Wait
[01:41.99]Don't want 'em talkin' 'bout the paper
[01:43.56]I swear to God these niggas be haters
[01:45.32]They be hatin', I feel all the vapors
[01:47.03]Live in cul-de-sac, gon' get that lawn
[01:49.35]Ooh, right with my neighbors
[01:50.90]Diamonds on my neck and Rollie on
[01:52.51]Now Atlanta got all different flavors
[01:54.44]Hit that bitch right on with my lightsaber
[01:56.40]Ooh, feel like Darth Vader
[01:58.04]I'm a boss so you know I might Wraith you
[01:59.92]Ooh, Raf in my basement
[02:01.87]Yeah, pass the gas
[02:03.61]But you know that I'm gon' face it
[02:04.93]Wait, that's the reason that they mad
[02:07.12]'Cause Lil Uzi, yeah, he made it
[02:08.83]Yeah, I wore that Raf ‘fore I made it
[02:10.31]Yeah, I wore that Raf ‘fore I made it
[02:12.24]Yeah, got that Raf all in my basement
[02:14.08]Yeah, fuck your bitch once ain't got patience
[02:15.80]Yeah, fuck your bitch once 'cause I'm famous
[02:17.68]Yeah, put my side bitch in Marc Jacobs
[02:19.18]Ayy, makin' them plays with my label
[02:20.85]I get it, I count it, hundred on my table
[02:22.85]We gon' need a bigger table, though
[02:24.39]Need some cable, tired of watchin' basic
[02:26.25]Wouldn't sign ya if I had a label
[02:28.01]That designer on a nigga label, fuego
[02:29.89]Down the bottle, still under the limit
[02:31.46]I could buy your bitch just off my debit
[02:33.52]I could buy her, not fuck up my credit
[02:35.33]Ain't no executives flexin' my blessings
[02:36.95]Ain't no middleman cuttin' my blessings
[02:38.69]I got all of this flick for the Lord's worship
[02:40.84]You ain't slammin', got the Asperger's
[02:42.29]I'ma drag that nigga, he deserve it
[02:44.24]I'ma read his ass like a LaBeija (Drag)
[02:46.04]Anna Wintour cool with my mama (True)
[02:48.60]And it's winter fool, need a bomber
[02:49.49]Plate of ravioli at Obama's, right, right, right
[02:51.96]Can't you see I'm eating (What's poppin'?)
[02:53.15]Wrist like ravioli, stuffed with diamonds, right, right?
[02:55.32]We don't have the same problems
[02:56.63]I get Raf Simons 'cause I'm gifted
[02:58.26]That means sometimes I get it and don't even want it
[03:00.36]Give Raf Simons when I'm giftin'
[03:01.96]That means sometimes I give it, you know that you want it (Yeah)
[03:03.91]Sterling silver lasers (Yessir)
[03:07.66]Rubies red, my skin too black to blush
[03:09.70]This bitch too rare to bust
[03:11.19]Seen her in the iPhone pages
[03:13.40]This ain't on the Gram, Wizard of OZ
[03:15.28]Parka pockets full of med leaf
[03:17.17]Guap is smelling like it brush teeth
[03:18.92]Say cheese, see the porcelain
[03:20.52]Xans and water, see swordfish (Plenty)
[03:22.37]Backwoods all forestry
[03:24.26]Raf draggin' on the floor, bitch
[03:27.44]Flame-thrower in it, in it (Flame, flame)
[03:29.56]I'm torchin' the road in these Gucci flames (Heat)
[03:31.21]Stuck to the pavement, they glued (Sticky)
[03:33.06]I'm two-point-five million a venue
[03:34.58]And twenty-five hundred a tooth
[03:36.46]I'm coatin' my lungs in the muddy
[03:38.15]I'm cold like I'm sick with the flu
[03:40.23]I cover my face and I'm bloody
[03:42.04]That Spring/Summer 2002, two, two, two, yeah
[03:45.80]Please don't touch my Raf
[03:47.58]Sleep in the grass, Teddy
[03:49.14]Sleep with the Teddy
[03:50.89]Quick with the hands, ready (Ready)
[03:52.83]Please don't touch my bag
[03:55.50]Please don't touch my Raf
[03:56.51]Shirt off, I'm cam ready (Ready)
[03:58.26]Deadstock in memory (Memory)
[04:00.25]Please don't pop my tag
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