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Ghetto Symphony Lyrics Download by A$AP Rocky PDF/LRC File

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Ghetto Symphony LRC Format
[ti:Ghetto Symphony][ar:A$AP Rocky (feat. Gunplay & A$AP Ferg)][lang:English][length:03:57.79][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:00.64]Do just what I tell you
[00:07.11]Don't come in any closer
[00:13.57]And no one will get hurt
[00:19.31]'Cause I don't know how long I can hold my heart in two
[00:25.12]A rebel I be one day, on that track with Gunplay
[00:28.14]Outcast my whole life so I decide to spit like André
[00:31.54]Beef is on my entree, gin and juice, that's Bombay
[00:34.72]Driving fast the wrong way, I swear life is like a one-way
[00:37.95]Pussy on a Sunday, business on a Monday
[00:41.08]My new crib came with feng shui and my closet is like a runway
[00:44.33]Come be my fiancee, she fuck me in a Hyundai
[00:47.46]My rooftop got a lounge, just sit around and watch her sunbathe
[00:51.10]Dinner date for one K, shopping date for two K
[00:53.99]Bougie-ass bitch made me wait to fuck for two days
[00:57.12]Finally got it today, swear to god my mood changed
[01:00.26]Top off like toupees, drop off, touche
[01:03.57]Yeah, my mouth is full of gold and I'm a city boy
[01:07.05]And my outfit was in Vogue, I'm a pretty boy
[01:09.87]Bounce, boy, Flacko tell 'em holla at a nigga, G
[01:12.80]Riding on my enemies, this my ghetto symphony
[01:29.17]Don't come in any closer
[01:32.13]Don't come in any closer
[01:35.20]Don't come in any closer
[01:38.37]Don't come in any closer
[01:44.95]Whipping Whitney, my mama as a witness
[01:47.92]Bitches lickin' and locking up my swishas
[01:51.30]Once she blow my whistle, she know it's dismissal
[01:54.35]Spread the news I'm official, now hop out my foreign vessel
[01:57.70]Before I get aggressive forget it, war ready
[02:00.87]Already tested, tears and blood invested
[02:03.81]Till my cardiac's arrested and my 40 ounce is empty
[02:07.26]Show me what you owe me and a porterhouse with that
[02:10.48]Black magic on the tires only I
[02:13.60]Rolling down a lonely mile, phony smile
[02:16.47]Warrants, police on me now, still tourin'
[02:19.51]And my chain it may slow me down cheer for
[02:22.73]Pain, in its purest form
[02:25.11]Don't complain I came to reign from here forward, still noid
[02:29.31]So crib got clear doors
[02:31.38]Burning planes in my Air Force and all I can see is clear ports
[02:48.60]Don't come in any closer
[02:51.85]Don't come in any closer
[02:54.95]Don't come in any closer
[02:58.05]Don't come in any closer…
[03:04.45]Since Rocky spit like André, I'm gon' kill 'em like Big Boi
[03:07.88]These rappers is on my entrée, eat 'em like cookies, Chips Ahoy
[03:10.92]Mm, enjoy, when I get annoyed, know a couple niggas that'll kill for joy
[03:14.12]Either Gunplay, runway, trip avoid, body get found by a lil' fishin' boy
[03:17.23]Arnold Schwarzenigga, toss a nigga
[03:19.08]Like codeine mixed with a roid
[03:20.53]Slow punch make a nigga chin collide
[03:21.90]That's for talking how fast you could grip a nine
[03:23.82]Damn, look how the hollow tip hit his spine
[03:26.83]Little motherfuckers that commit the crime
[03:28.58]These niggas got the sidewalk sipping wine
[03:32.30]Guess that's why the ground sip the wine
[03:33.35]Pouring liq so I soak in lift and shine
[03:34.79]Tip tipped and toe I miss the sky
[03:37.83]My soul gets cold when my niggas died
[03:40.30]So and so, niggas live and die
[03:41.26]Beneath shoe soles you will reside
[03:44.45]Rappers get a mil for these freakin' lies
[03:46.03]Sign a couple deals for these freakin' lies
[03:47.45]How many times in your eyes has a nigga died? Never!
[03:52.34]Spittin' it like a Beretta, nobody do it better, nigga
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