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Love$ick Lyrics Download by Famous Dex PDF/LRC File

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Love$ick LRC Format
[ti:PICK IT UP][ar:Famous Dex ft. A$AP Rocky][lang:English][length:03:11.32][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:00.05]Hey yo, big bro, you fucking with that?
[00:02.01]Ha, okay cool
[00:02.95]Good job, 1st
[00:03.59]That's my fucking brother right there, ya dig?
[00:05.21]Dexter, ooh, wait (yeah, a-what)
[00:07.98]Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, groove
[00:09.59]Baby girl watch how you move (what)
[00:11.35]I got them Vans on my shoes, ooh (I do)
[00:13.15]I pop a pill and I lose weight
[00:14.99]Speed it up (speed)
[00:15.84]Look at them diamonds, they eat it up (eat)
[00:17.52]Got me two bitches, I eat it up (you what?)
[00:19.29]They thinkin' of wifing, deleting them (yeah)
[00:21.06]A-wait, ooh (Dexter) pints in, call up Rocket, ooh (a-what)
[00:23.90]My brother plug like a socket, ooh
[00:25.42]Kick in this door, yeah I got it (yeah)
[00:27.25]Open the safe, you can't lock it, ooh (a-what)
[00:28.98]Sipping that Wock, yeah, I go to the top
[00:31.10]Buss on yo' bitch like a Glock, ooh
[00:32.59]She like to suck on my clock, ooh (yeah)
[00:34.34]I get the money, don't stop, Dexter!
[00:36.65]Hah, ya know what I'm saying?
[00:38.60]Like I, I, I know you like this beat too
[00:40.60]But you a fucking goofy though (fucking lame ass nigga)
[00:42.16]A-wait, ooh
[00:43.24]Word around, word around, word around town (bitch)
[00:45.02]I heard this boy was a clown, ooh (was a clown)
[00:46.84]Swim in yo' bitch once I drown, ooh (I do)
[00:48.56]Calling my plug for the pound, wait
[00:50.26]Odd Future, yeah it's right on my clothes
[00:52.05]Bad bitch, yeah I watch her do coke (what)
[00:53.70]Broke as hell, I used to sleep on the floor
[00:55.47]I never do it no more, ooh (a-what)
[00:57.31]Tellin' you broke it's no joke, ooh
[00:59.00]I used to kick in that door (kick in that door)
[01:00.36]Wait, now I'm selling out them shows
[01:02.19]One on my wrist, Fendi right on my clothes, huh (what)
[01:04.37]Hold on lil' mama you tweakin' (baby, you tweakin')
[01:06.02]A bad bitch, Puerto Rican (Puerto Rican, what)
[01:08.00]I get her off molly, she geeking
[01:08.98]Call up your friends, we'll be set for the weekend
[01:11.95]Ya know what I'm sayin? Like, no no no
[01:13.66]We can only chill for a weekend then you gotta go
[01:15.42]Tell your friend too
[01:16.26]I'm one of the prettiest motherfuckers you've ever seen
[01:18.16]Order VLONE, color orange mango label
[01:21.45]Rotary phone (whoo) in my old school Mercedes
[01:25.04]Smoke OG Grown (whoo) when I'm Californicating
[01:28.45]I got three phones, business, conversation, and relation
[01:32.20]Hol' up, wait a sec', wait a min', wait a tic
[01:36.09]Jacob my wrist, nothing was fake on my wrist
[01:38.15]Four finger ring on my hand
[01:39.60]Say what you say to my wrist, talk to the hand
[01:42.00]Don't wanna resort to the hands
[01:43.09]What the face say to the fist? (I'm Rick James, bitch!)
[01:46.62]Hah, funny as shit, a fifth of the tab
[01:49.96]Suck on her tits, go back to the pad
[01:51.95]Watched “Dexter's Lab” on the ‘Flix
[01:52.96]Uhh, speed it up, speed it up, speed it up (ah)
[01:55.42]Just did this track then I beat it up (ah)
[01:57.26]Acne, my jacket from Sweden (huh)
[01:58.93]My chicks don't exactly know English (what?)
[02:01.00]They ain't about that action of no beefing, ahh
[02:02.44]I might as well go back to vegan (um)
[02:04.11]My shit might go platinum first week (uh)
[02:05.91]Play this shit back and repeat it (uh)
[02:07.90]Word around, word of mouth, word around town
[02:09.63]You the one doin' all the murder 'round town
[02:11.33]Pullin' up, shootin', leave the burner downtown
[02:13.10]Shoot it like the birdy 'cause they all fly south
[02:14.88]Whippin', I'm whippin', I'm whippin' the wrists
[02:16.58]I'm fucking your bitch and I'm up in your fridge
[02:18.35]I only tell stories of tuckin' in kids
[02:20.01]So how in the fuck can they fuck with the kid?
[02:22.13]Hah, funny as shit, I was missing a bit
[02:25.14]I'm back in my bag, back to the pad
[02:27.16]Watched “Dexter's Lab” on the ‘Flix
[02:30.90]Good job, 1st
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