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r – Cali Lyrics Download by A$AP Rocky PDF/LRC File

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r - Cali LRC Format
[ti:r – Cali][ar:A$AP Rocky][lang:English][length:02:19.78][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:01.09]Oh, yeah
[00:03.99]Oh, yeah
[00:06.69]Oh, yeah
[00:09.33]Oh, wooh!
[00:12.63]Niggas pistol-poppin' like it's 1999
[00:15.38]I was nine, maybe ten, then again, never mind
[00:18.35]Press rewind, back in time
[00:20.34]Before rappers droppin' dimes
[00:21.70]Trap or die, choppin' pies
[00:23.49]With clichés all in they rhymes
[00:24.92]Now it's Gucci, Prada and anything designer
[00:28.38]Money, power, the whole enchilada
[00:31.35]Commas, dollas, the greens and the guava (oh)
[00:34.72]They serve you to your flocka
[00:36.20]If you disrespect that blocka, blocka
[00:38.02]Choppas on eavesdroppers
[00:39.29]Fuck these choppas, I'm about it
[00:40.77]Grindin' like 2Pac or Biggie Poppa
[00:42.25]Yeah, you outer, but I'm hotter
[00:44.54]Car jackin', pistol-packin'
[00:46.01]Mothafuckin' choppers clappin'
[00:47.95]Metal jacket, automatic magazines, head-on traffic
[00:51.00]Fenders smashin', windows crashin'
[00:52.78]Pants saggin', fuck your fashion
[00:54.70]Yeah, a nigga run Manhattan
[00:55.78]Back in Cali's where it happen
[00:57.44]They fit Gucci, Escada and anything designer
[01:00.38]Groupies, poppers, they all gonna swallow
[01:02.92]It was probably the robbers
[01:05.35]The goons and the goblins (oh)
[01:06.86]They hatin' a lot, medulla oblongata
[01:09.91]From New York to San Andreas
[01:11.55]And all around the world
[01:13.05]Going back to Cali
[01:14.73]Going back to Cali
[01:16.59]New York to San Andreas
[01:18.50]I'm screaming, “Fuck the world!”
[01:19.79]I'm going back to Cali
[01:21.22]Going back to Cali (Uh)
[01:23.24]Nigga, what's brackin'? I'm really out here boolin' on the West Side, you know what I'm sayin'?
[01:27.90]West, you know what I mean?
[01:28.35]Yeah, just seen a Camino, know what I mean?
[01:29.43]Just bein' careful out here
[01:30.33]Lookin' out for the enemies
[01:31.38]Cuz, you already know how we get down, cuz
[01:33.05]Fuck killin' these, cuz, I'm on the set, cuz
[01:35.55]We killin' everything, anything movin'
[01:37.47]Shit, I'm shootin' at niggas on the sight, cuz
[01:40.30]You already know, yeah
[01:41.20]I've caught you slippin', y'all can be back, nigga
[01:43.20]He ain't copped that, fuck that, Blood
[01:44.94]Niggas slippin' on the cuz, cuz
[01:46.66]I had to make that happen with this solo
[01:48.02]Maserati, like Atari
[01:49.52]With no car keys, push to start it
[01:51.40]New Bugatti, two Bugattis
[01:52.71]Tesla Roadster, blue Ferrari
[01:54.37]Lamborghini, system bumpin'
[01:56.02]Me no worried; Rastafari
[01:57.63]This the hardest, supersonic
[01:59.23]Systematic, too retarded
[02:00.78]New Versace, new apartment
[02:02.45]Bigger closet, newer carpet
[02:03.89]Hit departments, cooler garments
[02:05.84]Set my goal up, new accomplish
[02:07.29]Shootin' targets, you the target
[02:08.80]Movin' targets, new accomplice
[02:10.78]Killed the game and still regardless
[02:11.98]Beat the charges, do the honors
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