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Changed LRC Format
[ti:Changed][ar:Bazzi][lang:eng][length:02:23.02][by:RC][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:13.62]I think I'm going through withdrawals
[00:16.48][00:17.38]Starin' at her number, I won't call
[00:20.26][00:20.77]Yeah, and even though it's all your fault
[00:24.68][00:25.32]You the one I run to by default
[00:28.71][00:28.99]I'm thinking all about the things you said
[00:31.89][00:32.99]That shit is on repeat inside my head
[00:36.27][00:37.63]Makin' me feel like a fool
[00:40.42][00:41.06]Every sacrifice I made for you
[00:44.46][00:44.52]For you, yeah
[][00:46.67][00:46.83]Starting over is hard to do
[00:50.61][00:50.75]'Cause starting over is without you
[00:54.30][00:54.32]Alright, I can't keep pretending I'm fine
[01:00.37][01:00.77]Fine, yeah
[01:02.30][01:02.73]Do you think about me?
[01:04.77][01:04.78]Can you live without me?
[01:06.58][01:06.73]Baby, when they doubt me
[01:08.57][01:08.59]Tell me, do you doubt me?
[01:10.50][01:10.51]Yeah, and even though this shit is all your fault
[01:15.25][01:15.42]Baby, when they call
[01:17.05][][01:17.35]Silence to 'em all
[01:19.25][01:19.93]'Cause these women want to see me fall, yeah
[01:24.07][01:24.92]They don't know me like you do
[01:27.71][01:27.86]Yeah, I'm just an object they can use
[01:31.75][01:32.67]I'm not out here playing games
[01:35.47][01:35.86]I do this for the music, not the fame
[][01:39.51][01:40.26]So don't you say that I'm the same
[01:43.40][01:43.93]'Cause I'm the only thing that hasn't changed




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