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Ex Boyfriend LRC Format
[ti:Ex Boyfriend][ar:Lil Dicky][lang:English][length:04:22.00][by:RC Lyrics Band][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:01.30]Ey what's going on man?
[00:03.36]It's your boy Lil Dicky
[00:04.88]A.K.A Mr. Left-Ward-Sloping-Penis
[00:09.17]I got a story for y'all man
[00:10.95]Peep this
[00:12.49]Yes sir
[00:14.12]Now I been dating this girl named Katie, she hot as hell
[00:17.58]And her body crazy, vagina shaven and it don't smell
[00:20.65]And I don't fall for chickens
[00:22.07]But this one a little different
[00:23.76]Body sickening,
[00:24.66]Plus she really good at making breaded chicken
[00:27.16]Got me thinking she the one man
[00:28.70]Even fully clothed, shawty really fun man
[00:30.35]Get a lotta hoes, but none of those come close
[00:32.15]I swear this the most that I've felt so damn exposed
[00:34.70]Oh yeah there's one more thing
[00:36.10]And I know this shit gonna sound insane
[00:37.75]But I still haven't hit it
[00:39.14]I admit it, I wish I was kidding
[00:41.44]Never been up inside before
[00:42.84]Because shes only fucked one guy before
[00:44.65]And though I really wanna boink this whore
[][00:46.20]She ma sweetie 3.14
[00:48.00]So I'm staying patient, and masturbating,
[00:49.91]And now ma heart is sorta racing
[00:51.58]Cause she said tonight will be the night we do some fornicating
[00:55.29]Hell yeah, I'm down, I'm bout to go all out
[00:58.59]I'm gonna pound that crazy, like an elaborate black man handshake
[01:01.50]But on the way to crib, we pass this kid,
[01:03.40]And he seem to know who Katie is
[01:05.05]So I say “who this” and she say
[01:06.65]Dicky, this is my ex boyfriend Jim”
[01:08.22]And I ain't usually the one to be the jealous type
[01:11.64]But as I'm looking at this dude I can't believe my eyes
[01:15.06]Cause he's the best looking guy that I've seen in my whole life
[01:21.03]He's got the thickest head of hair, chiseled jaw, an egregious bod
[01:25.34]Man this the closest thing I've seen to a Grecian God
[01:28.74]And now I'm looking at ma chick, cause his dick's been inside her raw
[01:35.09]Awww damn
[01:36.37]Man this is crazy
[01:37.52]I can't believe this guy used to fuck ma lady
[01:40.06]I bet he left that pussy ravaged like Haiti
[01:42.71]Katie's hugging and squeezing his shoulder blades
[01:44.61]And I'm bugging and queasy, this ain't okay
[01:46.40]And then they say, “let's get drinks” so I say okay
[01:48.43]Even though I was about to get laid!
[01:50.11]Man this motherfucker look like Ashton
[01:51.90]Combined with a little Hugh Jackman
[01:53.55]In other words, he's so damn attractive
[01:55.09]So damn tan he gotta have a little black in him
[01:56.78]Now I'm in the back with him, sipping on some ‘gnac with him
[01:58.56]And he paying for it all, he investment banking…
[02:00.35]I'm acting, like I ain't distracted
[][02:01.74]But I'm reenacting him and Katie banging
[02:03.54]And now I'm feeling pissed, so I go and take a piss
[02:06.58]Mid stream, I look left and guess who it is
[02:10.30]And I had to see, and I was mad discrete
[02:11.95]And I got on my tippy toes and I took a little peek
[02:14.00]Oh my God Becky, look at that cock
[02:16.79]And I ain't usually the one to be the jealous type
[02:20.21]But as I'm looking at his dick, I can't believe my eyes
[02:23.62]Because he's got the biggest cock that I've seen in my whole life
[02:29.59]And now I'm staring at this dude's soft dick with a lotta hate
[02:33.70]Because the shit is plus 8 like Jon and Kate
[02:37.25]And I don't know if I can date ma girl after tonight
[02:43.56]Aw damn
[02:44.85]I don't know what to do
[02:46.53]Dude's dick is really huge
[02:48.23]I didn't realize a penis could be so smooth
[02:51.63]I know she's mission that
[02:53.32]My penis isn't that
[02:54.97]I'm looking closer I think that his dick has abs
[02:58.54]Six pack on a dick
[03:00.57]Now what the fuck is that
[03:01.98]It's so long and thick
[03:03.92]It's like a punching bag
[03:05.20]I'm saying it's so shaven, head is amazing
[03:07.50]Got ma dick looking like a raisin
[03:09.03]Skin tone insane, man he's hung like Saddam Hussein, it's crazy
[03:12.45]What the fuck should I do?
[03:14.01]He gotta Ruth's Chris dick, and mine's a drive through…
[03:17.55]I think it's time to
[03:18.95]Tell Katie ma goodbyes
[03:20.36]Cause I simply can't survive
[][03:22.07]After seeing what was in between his thighs
[03:24.63]So I tell her
[03:25.62]That this dude's gotta dick that I don't comprehend
[03:28.77]I had to move ma neck to see it end to end
[03:32.17]I mean the physics of his dick just don't make any sense
[03:38.36]And I think it's for the best if this comes to an end
[03:42.52]Because the sex with him must have been the best
[03:45.92]And I would say let's just be friends
[03:48.65]But I think I would just think about his dick all the time, so goodbye
[03:52.95]Then she told me Dicky I don't really know what to say
[03:56.24]Because I dated this dude in the second grade
[03:59.64]So I don't know about his dick, now let's go home and get you laid
[04:05.61]And then I took her to ma crib, and you know that we barely slept
[04:10.17]And I gave her an O like I was selling crack, and when I came
[04:14.37]I pulled out and nutted all over her left thigh




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