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Lemme Freak Lyrics Download by Lil Dicky PDF/LRC File

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Lemme Freak LRC Format
[ti:Lemme Freak][ar:Lil Dicky][lang:English][length:04:46.56][by:RC Lyrics Band][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:07.97]Drunk, faded
[00:09.90]Browned out, looking all shady
[00:11.81]Two months since I fucked a lady
[00:13.87]Young man dick going crazy
[00:15.76]Standard Saturday
[00:17.10]I'm about to get a cab and masturbate
[00:19.15]Then I see a hot girl I bet I could date
[00:21.20]”Lemme get your cat girl, no Hathaway”
[00:23.09]Thats what I thought not what I said to her
[00:25.13]Instead I walk up to her like
[00:26.11]”I know you heard of the kid
[00:26.96]You heard what I did
[00:27.87]You heard of my shit
[00:28.52]The murderous spit”
[00:29.43]She's like “Naw
[00:30.10]You're being weird
[00:30.75]What are you talking about?”
[00:31.64]I'm like “Aw.”
[00:32.46]Pulling out my phone like a boss
[00:33.91]YouTube bout to get her off
[00:35.29]But as I type the y-o-u
[00:36.57]Some porno pop up
[00:37.73]I'm like
[][00:38.02]”Hold up, how di-, that's not even me like, I don't jerk off mobily.”
[00:41.14]Then her friends coming up and want to know if everything is okay
[00:43.69]I'm like
[00:43.97]”Naw this a rape, can't tell? Give me a break please, get the heck away.”
[00:47.02]I turned to her
[00:47.66]”Let me buy you a drink.”
[00:48.51]She like “Fine.”
[00:49.32]Told the man two Patron
[00:50.50]She like “Lime.”
[00:51.34]Said he tried twice the card got declined
[00:54.05]I'm like
[00:54.47]”Are, is this, could it be a machine issue?”
[00:56.40]He was like “Naw.”
[00:57.44]I was like
[00:57.97]”Obviously there's something wrong
[00:59.35]I got dough like, I'm not broke, I got donuts with the same card like about an hour ago.”
[01:03.51]He like “Dude, I don't know.”
[01:05.16]Now I'm looking at the girl she just wanna go
[01:07.06]And I ain't talking bout with me, bro. I mean alone
[01:09.63]I got one more chance to prove myself so I'm like-
[01:11.97]”Look, I'm athletic, girl. I've gotten several rec-league MVP's
[01:16.52]At my crib I've got some pizza. Plus a little bit of weed
[01:20.44]In my room I've got a TV. Plus I recently did sheets
[01:24.36]Girl, I even have a fridge that has the water on the door like with the crushed ice”
[01:29.44]You know I don't give a damn whatcha playin' right now
[01:33.49]This is me coming at you as a man right now
[01:37.55]Lemme freak
[01:39.48]Lemme freak, god dammit, lemme freak
[01:43.17]Just lemme freak, please god
[01:45.21]Just lemme freak
[01:46.75]The girl from the first verse
[][01:48.29]Somehow let me fuck
[01:49.50]Fast forward, seven months
[01:51.02]We in love
[01:51.97]Some real serious relationship-type shit
[01:54.15]Despite this I ain't fucked for days
[01:55.93]Tried last night but was pushed away
[01:57.98]But I've been acting well behaved today, I smell okay
[02:00.65]Adele Pandora's playing, now she laying
[02:02.55]On the floor and I'm praying this bitch is horny
[02:04.49]I go and give her a smooch
[02:05.77]She kissing Dicky back, so I play with her boobs
[02:08.32]Bad move, she don't like that
[02:10.17]Bad mood, her boss being mean to her
[02:12.22]Via email, she wanna write back
[02:14.16]I'm like “Right now?”
[02:15.19]She like “Yeah, what do I say, can you just help me?”
[02:18.13]”Ok, whats the context?”
[02:20.18]Then she like “Well, he talks to Jane before coming to me.”
[02:22.73]”Who's Jane again?” I said
[02:24.13]She like “Wow, you should know that.”
[02:26.18]”Ok, I guess I forgot.”
[02:27.96]She like “Dude, that's my other boss.”
[02:30.01]”Ok, true, so shouldn't your first boss go to the other boss before you? Right?”
[02:34.82]”But Jane isn't hands on!” she yelled
[02:36.47]”Ok, well I just don't understand the dynamic then, I don't work with these people.”
[02:40.28]She started crying
[02:41.22]”Wait stop, what the fuck is this?”
[02:42.52]”Naw, you don't ever take my side!”
[02:44.10]About an hour later til' I'm on her good side
[02:46.14]We in bed, hands on her good thighs
[02:48.03]I try to kiss, she like “Good night.”
[][02:49.37]But I'm like-
[02:50.03]”Look, I just turned off The Departed for a movie about a bee
[02:54.44]I've been cutting back on farting, tweeting, arguing, and weed
[02:58.50]Yesterday I wore a cardigan at dinner with your sweet, and supportive
[03:03.41]And during the fourth quarter, of the Eagles!
[03:06.70]Now reward it!”
[03:07.50]You know I don't give a damn whatcha playin' right now
[03:11.54]This is me coming at you as a man right now
[03:15.47]Lemme freak
[03:17.37]Lemme freak, god dammit, lemme freak (It's all I need)
[03:21.17]Just lemme freak, please god
[03:23.23]Just lemme freak
[03:24.77]Fast forward some more, June 16, 2074
[03:28.06]Old LD looking old as fuck
[03:29.86]Still with the same ho, holding up
[03:31.65]My life sucks, legs hurt
[03:33.94]Friends dead, realtors
[03:35.99]My dick looking like it's tinfoil
[03:38.03]Her tits looking like they hard boiled eggs
[03:40.33]On top of that, she insane
[03:42.12]Like I don't even think she knows who I am
[03:44.06]Our kids moved away, we've been doing the same shit for days
[03:47.11]Maybe months, who knows
[03:49.01]Probably going to die soon
[03:50.16]Pretty scared I ain't even going to lie to you
[03:52.20]Think about it all day, on my last legs
[03:54.50]But I'm going out with a bang
[03:55.66]I got pills they invented back in '57
[03:57.95]I took five, that's a bit excessive
[04:00.04]I look high, take a look at my thighs and good god that's a little erection
[04:03.21]It'll work though
[][04:04.51]Now I've gotta find the ho
[04:05.81]I'm pretty much blind at this point, I don't know if I mentioned that yet
[04:08.87]But I am
[04:09.66]Made my way into the bedroom and there she is
[04:11.59]I'm like
[04:11.98]”Look, I don't know if you're aware that you've been throwing out my shoes
[04:16.41]What I do know is I'm sick of doing nothing here with you
[04:20.50]All my blood is in my dick, I”m probably dying pretty soon
[04:24.44]Are you even comprehending what I'm saying, please acknowledge that you hear me.”
[04:29.50]You know I don't give a damn whatcha playing right now
[04:33.55]This is me coming at you as a man right now
[04:37.50]Lemme freak
[04:39.56]Lemme freak, god dammit, lemme freak (Lemme freak)
[04:43.24]Just lemme freak, please god
[04:45.29]Just lemme freak




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