Redpill VII Lyrics Download - Logic

Redpill VII Lyrics Download – Logic PDF / LRC File

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Redpill VII Lyrics Download – Logic

Redpill VII Lyrics Download - Logic LRC Format
[ti:Redpill VII] [ar:Logic] [lang:English] [length:04:12.94] [by:Jun] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:07.35](Yeah, yeah, ah, yeah)
[00:11.52]It never miss, the flow, it never miss (ah, yeah, ah, ah)
[00:17.75]It never miss, the flow, it never miss (ah, yeah, ah, ah)
[00:22.75]It never miss, the flow, it never miss (ah, yeah, ah, yeah)
[00:24.25]The flow it never miss (ayo)
[00:25.59]Ayo, my flow non-binary, that mean it never miss
[00:28.33]Feelin' meticulous, I'm ready to get with this ridiculous
[00:31.55]Vehiculous sound, that means that I'm driven, illest around
[00:33.82]Yeah, they know me 'round the world, but the flow is still underground
[00:36.36]Only booze I get on stage is when I sip the finest
[00:39.09]Like MF, most you niggas deaf, that's confide
[00:42.17]Bottom line, I'm top five, red carpet when I arrive
[00:44.83]But most days, I'm feelin' derealized
[00:46.67]That's a medical term for feelin' out of your body
[00:49.60]Like you're lookin' through glass and don't recognize anybody
[00:51.74]Like you're not even real, anxiety what I feel
[00:54.58]Tryna fix the problem, doctors wanna give me a pill
[00:57.25]You know, I still think I could do it without that
[01:00.45]These professionals really doubt that
[01:01.72]Luckily, I found a therapist, straight from the outback
[01:04.57]She's always there for me, when I'm feelin' down under
[01:06.73]Most people is too scared of therapy, 'cause it's taboo
[01:09.32]No wonder why we all fucked up
[01:11.05]Intrusive thoughts hit me on the daily, but I know I'll make it maybe
[01:14.67]Everybody walkin' 'round like shit is gravy
[01:16.75]Feelin' wavy, but they really feelin' out of it
[01:18.67]The drugs all in their system got 'em adamant, they're fine
[01:21.15]But in their mind, they know they're not
[01:22.61]So they let the substance in their bloodstream
[01:24.28]To manipulate endorphins
[01:25.98]Cut off the pen, like morphine, but this just creates more fiends
[01:29.35]Enjoy yourself, but don't escape in a substance
[01:30.95]Dealin' with your problems head-on brings rewards in abundance
[01:33.46]So whoever feel they imperil, I'm rockin' with you, like Garrell
[01:36.20]Whenever you fall down, trigun, like Meryl, oh, yeah, yeah
[01:39.76]It's too deep now, I think it's too deep now
[01:41.99]I know you shallow listeners probably tappin' out ‘fore you drown
[01:45.07]Peep the sound, hold it down, I think the message over now
[01:47.22]Let's bring it back to that old rap shit and start it all over now
[01:50.26]My residency in the game is permanent, I'll never move out
[01:52.58]Even though you doubt, never make a move for clout
[01:55.38]Been real, since I moved through the canals
[01:57.48]Spit so hard and knock a tooth out
[01:58.57]When I did a show with Eminem in Hawaii
[02:01.19]I brought the whole fuckin' crew and threw a luau
[02:03.83]I might do MSG again, just to bring the Wu out
[02:06.46]They say your life is a movie, we finna roll the credits on you
[02:09.13]Cart of medics on you, sicker than the dogs
[02:11.03]I'm 'bout to stick up on you, rigamortus all up on you
[02:12.81]Fuckin' around with the boy, in a ditch, where you finna be stayin'
[02:15.69]You was sprayin', now you layin' in the ground
[02:17.44]I'm comin' down, just to tell you that I told you so
[02:20.19]No, I never sold you drugs, but I sold you dope
[02:22.37]Suffer from anxiety, through these lyrics, I cope
[02:25.75]Savin' society through lyrics I wrote, what's up?
[02:27.40]Been grindin' to get my son's trust up
[02:29.17]Only thing stuck up is the finger in the middle
[02:31.57]My lyrics profound, they lingerin' on the riddle
[02:33.50]Fuck all the little shit
[02:34.43]I'm over and out, get rid of it, don't want any bit of it
[02:37.25]My last album, I know you bit a bit of it
[02:38.53]My shit is dope, now take a hit of it
[02:40.49]You'd probably benefit from bein' in the fuckin' thick of it
[02:43.09]Flame on wax, like the wick is lit, bitch, the heat it on, like Vietnam
[02:46.44]Got your life flashin' before your eyes, now you see your mom
[02:49.14]First day of school, fast forward, now you wasted at prom
[02:51.81]Fast forward, now shit is morbid, you dyin' of omicron
[02:54.19]Persei 8, that's a Futurama rhyme
[02:56.77]Want the dick and I'ma bend her, if she ugly, I return to sender
[02:59.78]I pull strings, like Fender, push buttons like the Fender, yo, yo
[03:03.41]Rack-, rack-, rack-, rack-, racks on racks on racks
[03:05.30]I'm runnin' it back, I come for the stack
[03:06.70]I'm gettin' this money, like James Yancey
[03:08.15]If I don't get the bread, I get ancy
[03:09.11]Pullin' triggers, like Tom Clancy, record label better advance me
[03:11.55]They can't stand me, 'cause I see what they can't see
[03:12.95]My vision go over their head, like Klu Klux Klan sheets
[03:16.51]I love the energy whenever me and my fans meet
[03:19.65]Jump on the beat and nobody ever handed me defeat
[03:21.13]Lyrics, they never deplete, I get green, like cleats
[03:23.27]Please don't test my reach, talk shit, drink bleach
[03:25.17]I'll flood blood like a leech, peep the speech
[03:26.43]Presidential suites, I can not be impeached, I never miss
[03:33.82]Born to die young
[03:36.25]To die of an overdose
[03:38.31]To die of a gunshot wound
[03:40.27]Or die of loneliness
[03:42.72]This is the fate of so many born into poverty
[03:48.65]To make it out of your hood isn't about sporting chains
[03:51.02]And making millions of dollars
[03:53.40]It's about making a difference
[03:56.48]It's about making the right decisions
[04:00.20]And in turn breathing life into a community riddled with death



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