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NBA YoungBoy – Murder Business Lyrics Download LRC x PDF

NBA YoungBoy – Murder Business Lyrics Download LRC x PDF download music local lyrics subtitles in the format of PDF and LRC file for free from Lyrics Downloader is one of the best lyrics downloading website that having a big database of lyrics where a user can find subtitles to download for their favorite music player.

Murder Business LRC Format
[ti:Murder Business][ar:NBA Youngboy][lang:English][length:02:10.01][by:Dibya][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:00.92](I got Hitman on the beat, bah, bah)
[00:02.73](Mommy, India got them beats)
[00:03.84]Bitch ass nigga, don't talk to the man (mm, mm, mm-mm)
[00:05.78]Fuck them, haha, yeah, what?
[00:07.83]Bitch ass nigga, say what you doin' (mm, mm, mm-mm)
[00:11.33]What, you wanna do somethin'?
[00:12.52]Tryna to put some shit to bed now (bed)
[00:13.89]Whip up, hop out with Glocks
[00:14.93]And we be aiming at your head, huh (head now)
[00:16.98]Bitch, y'all wan' do something?
[00:18.14]Lil Top like to see red, huh
[00:19.55]You wan' fuck around with the don dada? (bah)
[00:20.95]We gon' red dot 'em, we gon' bedrock 'em (yeah, yeah)
[00:22.26]I'ma heart stop 'em (yeah, fah)
[00:23.17]With this killin' shit, I'm the murder doctor
[00:24.45]I got one chopper for his nine partners
[00:25.99]When I finish, whole city heard about it
[00:27.39]Ridin' four deep, ridin' where they be
[00:28.82]In the back seat with a dirty chopper (skrrt)
[00:30.08]Screamin', “fuck the law, we gon' kill about it”
[00:31.66]Fuck the music, nigga, know we drill about it
[00:33.06]I'll use it, nigga, know this .40 on me
[00:34.45]I'm a real Blood, get rid of homie
[00:35.98]Kill that bitch, make the critics pay him homage
[00:37.42]Make them killers drive when he say he want it
[00:38.81]In his trap spot, we gon' creep up on him
[00:40.33]Oh, you chose somewhere scared now
[00:41.86]Tell us 'bout where all that lead found
[00:43.14]He was rollin' right, left him dead, huh
[00:44.55]Lil Top, I'm too ahead now
[00:46.08]Inside my scope your head found
[00:47.61]Demon shit, illiterate
[00:48.76]Sip dope that's not prescribed from out of Styrofoams
[00:51.20]YoungBoy like to blaze, no hand grenades
[00:52.85]We get your head blown (bro, hold on)
[00:54.00]Reaper shit, this Draco on me
[00:54.93]Bitch, I'm the cook, just work this trap phone
[00:56.98]Back bad, confirm shit (yeah), I can get his back blown (yeah, yeah)
[00:59.77].45 (yeah), this Herm shit (yeah)
[01:01.15]Plus you know my bag strong (yeah, yeah)
[01:02.44]You slime enough to fuck a nigga
[01:03.91]You slime to bring a bag home (bitch)
[01:05.21]I told you not to trust these niggas
[01:07.01]Bitch, you know you dead wrong
[01:08.32]On that lean, you would think I popped a bean
[01:10.11]I don't turn down (nah)
[01:11.15]Killin' scene, blood on my Soldier Ree's
[01:12.96]Somethin' got burnt down (nah)
[01:13.86]Switched all plans and the Ks turn to machines
[01:15.55]I'm like “Who playin now?” I'm flexin'
[01:16.89]Lay the whole clan down (yeah)
[01:18.08]”How you want him?” Leave him with his pants down (yeah)
[01:19.77]Murder business, hol' on, murder business (murder business)
[01:22.58]Chopsticks (chopsticks), kill a witness (witness)
[01:25.48]Down bitch (down bitch), drive while we spinnin' (skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
[01:27.90]Let her work the phone, tell 'em, “Meet us wit' it” (meet us wit' it)
[01:31.20]Murder business, hol' on, murder business (murder business)
[01:34.09]Chopsticks (chopsticks), kill a witness (kill a witness)
[01:36.90]Down bitch (down bitch), drive while we spinnin' (drive it)
[01:39.29]Let her work the phone, tell 'em, “Meet us wit' it” (tell 'em, “Meet us wit' it”)
[01:42.02]Brrt, brrt
[01:42.67](Shawty sayin', “Call back,” 'cause she found where they stayin')
[01:44.88]We gon' leave the phones
[01:45.66](Load up, she'll take us, we be scopin' out the scene)
[01:47.97]Bah, bah, Jiggaboo stop cappin', you know that headshot was me (headshot was me)
[01:51.26](We'll fuckin' spin again and see who got good aim)
[01:53.83]Bro, creep down, sweep up
[01:55.37]Should've had some cleats, thug
[01:56.91]Pussy bitch, can't run from us
[01:58.06]We gon' chase you down, we gon' put you up
[01:59.59]YoungBoy, AI, Lil Top, bitch, I'm a big thug (big thug)
[02:01.77]You in here, then tonight
[02:02.83]You just might die if you ain't here with us (ain't here with us)
[02:07.88](My mama know I'm a demon, I don't give a fuck)
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