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I Hate YoungBoy Lyrics Download – NBA YoungBoy LRC x PDF

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I Hate YoungBoy LRC Format
[ti:I Hate YoungBoy][ar:NBA YoungBoy][lang:English][length:04:21.86][by:Dibya][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:01.68]Say, 10
[00:03.98]Let's hear this shit, Rell (Hah, hah)
[00:07.08]Horrid, run it up (Lil Top)
[00:07.88]I don't give a fuck, man, look (Nigga, yeah)
[00:11.33]”YoungBoy, they gon' kill you, you better stop dissin' them”
[00:14.23]Tell them niggas, “Fuck 'em,” and they know that I ain't scared of them
[00:17.14]How you talkin' shit when nothin' ain't died about your cousin nem?
[00:20.04]Quando got no filter, and he say that, they gon' fuck wit' him
[00:22.94]Clean up on aisle O, youngin' let that chop blow
[00:25.75]Ayy, my brother let that stick blow, nigga know that's my smoke
[00:28.71]He called me a bitch, that's India, that be your ho
[00:31.64]Posted with that stick like Indians, they want my soul
[00:34.69]Post about it, bitch, I got like thirty million, my mind gone
[00:37.48]And I'm gon' be rich inside my casket once my time gone
[00:40.26]I'm bumpin' Wooski, turnt up with some groupies while at my home
[00:43.30]Why you drop that whack-ass song? Pussy bitch, you should've known
[00:46.21]My daddy tell me, “Leave it ‘lone,” but I'm like, “Man, fuck them niggas”
[00:49.16]Used to fuck with Gucci 'til I seen he like them pussy niggas
[00:52.06]Momma know I'm ruthless, talkin' stupid, make me bust a nigga
[00:54.97]They know I'm on house arrest so they feel like they official
[00:57.51]Bitch, I kill you, then I take your whistle, God know I don't like you niggas
[01:00.83]Feds wanna lock a nigga up 'cause he tote baby missiles
[01:03.72]Bitch, don't bring my baby momma up, she richer than your niggas
[01:06.62]Every nigga did a feature with you, slime out to get 'em
[01:09.52]Set 'em up then point a nigga, field goal, Romo
[01:12.43]Know I keep that nine with me, you can act like you don't know
[01:15.33]Baby with 'em, 4PF, four poles firin'
[01:18.22]Want me for to die? Tell that pussy, “Cross the line”
[01:20.78]I ain't got no fuckin' mind, tell 'em, “Free Baba,” that's my evil twin
[01:23.98]Youngin bouncin' on his tippy-toes when he creepin' in
[01:26.64]He get drug tested but still on dope, prescription came in
[01:29.43]I be turnt up with my baby mommas, I ain't got no fuckin' friends
[01:32.46]He got Rolls, my McLaren, he got Maybach and Range Rover
[01:35.60]He got Bentley GT, Redeyes, black coating
[01:38.64]Slidin' in a Tesla, and he got that yay on
[01:41.53]Pussy nigga dissin' me, mad about his dead homie
[01:44.44]Nigga, I'm a real blood, and I'm screamin', “Blatt”
[01:46.99]I get free, they know where I'm at, I'm posted ‘cross that track
[01:49.90]Still don't wanna drop my son off, know somebody might get whacked
[01:52.76]Board the jet, you know I'm flyin' off, I land, I'm smokin' thrax
[01:55.66]Where you at? Your security, they get bust at too
[01:58.45]I don't give no fuck about this rap shit, I'll bust at you
[02:01.29]Your daddy hit the feds, fuck that nigga, he a bitch, too
[02:04.19]Tell him sit on side your cousin momma while that bitch grieve too
[02:07.24]And that lil' bitch, she say, “4L,” huh? I say, “Heads or tails, slime”
[02:10.66]Tell 'em, “Kill YoungBoy,” all of y'all gon' fuckin' fail, hah
[02:13.46]Let me check my mail, five, fifteen mills, just for the slime
[02:16.40]Stomp him in his fuckin' face, I left him with my Nike sign
[02:19.34]Free Lil Meechy off the line, niggas know I'm big slime
[02:22.24]Win or lose, no draw, nigga, them boys know I'm 'bout mine
[02:25.13]Don't know nothin' but slang iron, ain't respondin' no more
[02:27.93]I just wanna make the bitch go, he waitin' from the go (Ha-ha)
[02:31.65]You know where I stay, don't let me find your home (Fuck you)
[02:34.19]They don't let me see my daughter from the time I'm on (Bitch, boom, boom)
[02:37.49]Hear that blicky sound, that's the Dada tone
[02:40.04]Feel like Boosie don't even like me, bitch, don't call my phone (Fuck you)
[02:42.88]Tell Apple I said, “Fuck 'em,” they promote his song (Say, 10, fuck you)
[02:45.84]They be hatin' on Tim and Quando, they act like they wrong (Fuck you)
[02:48.53]YouTube streamers, they be dick-ridin', don't react no more (Fuck you)
[02:51.47]You fuck with them, don't fuck with me and that's just how that go
[02:54.42]When I release, this pure drop, that be pure dope
[02:57.08]Chinese Kitty don't wanna be my girl, she like them folks
[02:59.98]Momma told me for to take my Ritalin and I said, “No”
[03:02.89]Sarah Snyder always think I'm trippin' 'cause I'm real slow
[03:06.20]Hold on, I ain't even, I ain't even rappin', Jason
[03:08.86]I'm really just, I'm really just lettin' these niggas know it's, “Fuck them”
[03:11.75]You heard me? These bitch-ass niggas act like they scared to die
[03:14.42]YoungBoy, I been thuggin', I been slime, I ain't scared to die
[03:17.45]I don't fuck with CC, but my oldest brother Crip
[03:20.36]I be on DC, DC, Marvel, that be him
[03:23.25]I be on repeat, waitin' on them just for to trip
[03:26.16]Fuck the whole industry, they know, don't try to get at him
[03:29.45]Hah, yeah, it's 4KTrey, Nawfside, 38, nigga, free DDawg
[03:33.50]We put guns to the face, bitch-ass nigga, how you wanna do it?
[03:36.12]You already know what I say, nigga, who gon' die today?
[03:38.45]Bitch-ass nigga, we put guns to the face, you heard me?
[03:40.91]Them bitch-ass, man, these bitch-ass niggas act like they don't like YoungBoy
[03:43.71]I guarantee you can't say not one thing YoungBoy did to these hoe-ass niggas
[03:46.68]These bitch-ass niggas be hatin', you heard me? I ain't trippin' these fuck-ass niggas
[03:50.23]These fuck-ass niggas gon' catch it, you heard me? They gon' catch it
[03:52.46]These gon' catch everything a nigga throw at them, believe that
[03:54.75]You heard me? This slime shit, you hear me? Big 5, you hear me?
[03:57.80]We gon' bang for life, nigga, how you wanna do it, four? Yeah
[04:01.50]And I don't fuck with you niggas, believe that
[04:03.94](YoungBoy, they gon' kill you, you better stop dissin' them
[04:06.94]Tell them niggas, “Fuck 'em,” man, they know that I ain't scared of them
[04:09.85]How you talkin' shit when nothin' ain't died about your cousin nem?
[04:12.75]Quando got no filter, yeah, he say that, they gon' fuck wit' him)
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