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Foreigner LRC Format
[ti:Foreigner][ar:Pop Smoke ft. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie][lang:English][length:02:41.18][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:02.42]Uh?
[00:06.56]Traphouse Mob (Woo)
[00:09.52]This is a Melo Beat (It's Big 092MLBOA)
[00:13.33]Foreigner (Grrr)
[00:15.05]Foreigner (Bah)
[00:16.90]Foreigner (Woo)
[00:18.51]Foreigner (Uh?)
[00:20.14]Foreigner (Grrr)
[00:21.80]Foreigner (Bah)
[00:26.27]My bitch a foreigner and she love to fuck
[00:29.80]She suck it up, make her fall in love
[00:32.63]Put that on her tongue, Perky on her tongue
[00:35.93]She do the walks for us (Walk that shit), make her one of us
[00:39.13]The gas that I'm smokin' potent
[00:40.61]Ice on my neck snowin'
[00:42.54]I'm dark skin, glowin'
[00:44.08]Off the Perky, I'm rollin'
[00:45.90]Valet, park it
[00:47.68]I'm screamin', I'm barkin'
[00:49.28]They like, “Poppy, why you startin'?”
[00:51.20]Pop a Perc', go retarded (Woo)
[00:53.10]They know I'm wildin' and I need that respect
[00:54.49]Seven hundred grams, icy baguettes
[00:56.04]Pop Smoke, niggas know I'm up next
[00:57.80]Drac' keep on shootin' until it's none left
[00:59.49]I'm 823, yeah, I throw up the set
[01:01.05]Twenty years old, but I move like the vet
[01:02.90]You talk out your mouth, you better invest in a vest
[01:04.90]Nigga, 'cause you could get left
[01:06.34]Your bitch is a foreigner, huh?
[01:07.88]I fuck her and pass her
[01:08.94]Show her the difference between a dog and a master
[01:11.18]Lamborghini truck, floorin'
[01:13.10]Got your bitch in the back whorin'
[01:14.34]She like, “Papi, I adore you”
[01:16.09]I'm like, “Baby, I ain't normal,” (Rrr)
[01:20.49]Foreigner (Grrr)
[01:22.15]Foreigner (Bah)
[01:23.94]Foreigner (Woo)
[01:25.81]Foreigner (Uh?)
[01:27.13]Foreigner (Grrr)
[01:28.96]Foreigner (Bah)
[01:33.40]Hoodie on, it get scary
[01:36.30]Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary
[01:37.50]Christian Dior I need more
[01:39.89]Don't do Saint Laurent anymore
[01:41.56]Yeah, na-na-na, let it off
[01:44.18]Yeah, let's go
[01:47.17]Yeah, forty-five in my drawers
[01:49.90]And they say I sound like a dog, hah
[01:52.52]On God, I meant fraud
[01:54.97]I was in all the stores
[01:56.56]I bought every Hermes scarf, yeah
[01:59.84]Do you feel me?
[02:02.26]Thousand pair of Mike Amiris
[02:04.80]But I still need more
[02:07.30]I could go on and on, yeah
[02:08.88]I ain't even gotta talk, yeah
[02:11.86]Chopper go na-na-na
[02:13.36]Hoodie on with a semi
[02:14.93]Young nigga with a Richie
[02:16.04]Young nigga with a Richie
[02:17.20]The Richie the one that had came with the big head, nigga, Jimmy
[02:19.88]Headshot, that's a jimmy
[02:21.14]Big dawg in my city
[02:22.49]Kill a opp in this bitch
[02:24.00]Red dot to her titty, yeah
[02:27.59]Foreigner (Grrr)
[02:29.31]Foreigner (Bah)
[02:30.96]Foreigner (Woo)
[02:33.20]Foreigner (Uh?)
[02:34.36]Foreigner (Grrr)
[02:36.22]Foreigner (Bah)
[02:40.30]Source: LyricsDownloader.Com



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