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All Dogs Go to Heaven Lyrics Download by $uicideboy$ PDF/LRC File

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All Dogs Go to Heaven LRC Format
[ti:All Dogs Go to Heaven][ar:$uicideboy$][lang:English][length:02:33.70][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:05.00]$carecrow, $carecrow, $carecrow, $carecrow
[00:07.10]Yeah, yeah, yeah
[00:09.82]Ha, ha, ha
[00:12.64]Leave 'em all burning triple six degrees (yeah, yeah)
[00:15.84]Heard they started hating, wanna murder thee (murder thee)
[00:18.81]Yung Christ turned to Satan, bless the devilish (yeah)
[00:22.26]Nowadays I get my joy from fucking chasing death (yeah, yeah)
[00:25.48]Momma raised a savage, knew I wasn't average (I wasn't-)
[00:28.56]Pops seen me coming up
[00:29.69]He knew I had the package (knew I had the package)
[00:31.97]Let the 40 kick
[00:33.05]Drum roll with the sticks (pum-pum)
[00:35.08]Hands will fuck your jaw
[00:35.95]Know who you fucking with? (Wha, wha)
[00:38.22]Get that copper popping chopper, Dalai Lama (Dalai Lama)
[00:41.42]Feel like Silkk the Shocker, I'm a fucking problem (fucking problem)
[00:44.68]Streets call me doctor, screw 'em then I chop 'em (kyoom, kyoom)
[00:47.57]Two cups, bottle filled with drugs, liver on the rotten (ha, ha, ha)
[00:51.04]Ruger, chopper, draco, cult around me Waco, yah (wah)
[00:54.26]Violence getting louder, projects getting wilder, yeah (wah)
[00:57.55]When I'm off a Xan, I'm quick to shoot the thang (thang, thang)
[01:01.10]Ain't a clock to see, ain't no time for a game (game, game)
[01:03.70]Fuck 'em all, shoot 'em, leave 'em in the yard (rah, rah)
[01:07.06]Got a bunch of youngins around me, take the charge (what, what)
[01:10.31]Fuck 'em all, shoot 'em, leave 'em in the yard (yeah, yeah)
[01:13.28]Got a bunch of youngins around me, take the charge, ay (yeah, yeah)
[01:16.24]Yeah, we all the same but we separated by commas (beep)
[01:19.58]Yeah, we all the same until we all destroyed by comets (hahahaha)
[01:22.61]Alien invasion, better run home to your mama (better run)
[01:25.94]Ruby ain't the problem solver (better run!)
[01:27.42]I'm the cause of all your problems
[01:29.11]Bitch, I'm in Nevada
[01:30.36]A-51s, I got 'em
[01:32.66]Snorting blue sand with my cosmic ensemble
[01:35.95]I don't give a fuck if they're pressed, I still bought 'em (yeah)
[01:38.61]Falling down like autumn, call him Duck Boy, watch him waddle
[01:41.47]Full throttle when I empty out the bottle (out the bottle)
[01:44.22]When I empty out this clip that's full of fucking hollows (full of hollows)
[01:47.49]You'll be lying horizontal, looking like a model (ew)
[01:51.00]Scope is never toggled, I was aiming for your nostril
[01:53.42]Now I'm aiming at your bitch's tonsil, I'm the queen of drama (yup)
[01:57.07]Fucking up your life? Yeah, all you gotta do is holler (holler)
[02:00.29]You wanna talk drip? Catch me in the fuckin' sauna (sauna)
[02:03.50]Spent a couple dollars just to make a couple dollars
[02:06.31]All these bitches say my name as if it's something like the gospel (Ruby)
[02:09.92]All these hoes apostles looking like they wanna gobble (blegh)
[02:13.02]Looking at me crazy like they all been wearing goggles (fuck you lookin' at?)
[02:16.31]Po' me up a fo', I'm looking like a fucking waffle, feeling fucking awful
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