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Audubon Lyrics Download by $uicideboy$ PDF/LRC File

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Audubon LRC Format
[ti:Audubon][ar:$uicideboy$][lang:English][length:02:15.03][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:00.85]New Orleans is ruled by thugs even more ruthless than LA's most violent gangs
[00:06.70]Do you know the Crips and Bloods tried to establish themselves here
[00:10.14]And these guys killed him
[00:12.92]Simple as that, gone, see ya later
[00:16.87]We look at gangs like this, it's like a coward move to us
[00:20.41]In a gang it take fifteen people to get in two cars and do a driveby
[00:24.23]And kill one person
[00:26.12]In New Orleans I done seen one person kill fifteen people
[00:52.03]Definition of the living dead
[00:54.11]Got a dead bitch giving head
[00:56.44]Tulip flowers growing on my bed
[00:58.58]Rust and blood settle on my lead
[01:00.50]Broken soul but I'm breaking bread
[01:02.48]Head dreaded boy from Waggaman
[01:04.38]Petey Pablo shirt off
[01:05.45]But no swinging like a helicopter
[01:07.25]Got it covering this chopper
[01:08.69]Spitting out them yoppas
[01:09.94]Got the drama with the lama
[01:11.22]I can get you to Nirvana
[01:12.69]Run them pockets proper
[01:13.85]We create our own karma
[01:15.42]Balboa out the magnolia
[01:16.82]Northside soulja
[01:18.24]Need the keys to the rover
[01:20.50]Yung $carecrow
[01:32.34]Ruby the fucking ape
[01:33.18]Ruby the fucking orangutan
[01:34.54]Mumbling nothing
[01:35.54]Just the discussion of public destruction
[01:37.49]I'm up in flames
[01:38.69]The soulja by the lake
[01:40.20]Feeling like i'm in the navy, but I pull up in the tank
[01:42.34]Sipping the tang out of an AK
[01:44.81]Kangaroo the next lane
[01:46.43]Lame move you looking plain
[01:47.96]Can't redo the flex mane
[01:50.05]Camo on my body like I just got back from war
[01:52.25]I heard a bang in the bank
[01:53.80]Ben Frank on the floor
[01:55.26]Back in New Orleans, now everybody wanna score
[01:57.50]I'm trying to finesse the lesser into something more
[02:00.04]I'm drawing a blank on who the fuck you is
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