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Carrollton Lyrics Download by $uicideboy$ PDF/LRC File

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Carrollton LRC Format
[ti:Carrollton][ar:$uicideboy$][lang:English][length:03:23.96][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:00.09]Play me some of that $uicide pimpin', man
[00:14.18]You motherfuckers pitiful, I'm too sick of you
[00:17.44]I'm a walking visual, you boys refillable
[00:21.99]Once you cross me, hoe
[00:23.89]Now you a motherfucking stain to Lil Cut Throat (pop!)
[00:27.65]Let the gun bang
[00:28.94]Nuts hang, drug game ain't the same
[00:31.11]”Savage” tatted on my face
[00:33.00]Grey ape
[00:34.06]Reason why we hotbox
[00:35.65]Fuck a badge, fuck a cop even if the K hot
[00:38.86]Watch me bust on any block
[00:40.70]Northside knotty
[00:42.06]Scope on the shotty
[00:43.30]Semi blow ya' body
[00:44.59]Tony gripping on the Tommy, bitch
[00:46.56]I bite the head off a bat like I'm Ozzy
[00:49.48]You got a problem motherfucker? Come and try me
[00:52.67]I'm nothing like what you punk boys wanna embody
[00:55.82]Norf, Norf, East Side *59
[00:58.32]Tony gripping Tommy
[01:00.07]Fuck around end up get your body, autopsy
[01:02.96]I be that walking zombie, bath salts
[01:05.34]Eating bodies
[01:06.56]Three choppa's and a shotty shooting everybody
[01:09.51]Cigarette wet
[01:10.86]Bumping Boosie Badazz
[01:12.69]On them drugs, jiggin'
[01:14.06]Jaws locked clinching
[01:15.56]Trigger finger itching if you think I'm kidding
[01:18.63]Smoke leaking from the sticky that we smoking, boy
[01:22.10]Fuck a Backwood, Swisher's what I use, boy
[01:24.90]Smoke what I choose, do what I wanna do
[01:28.18]Motherfuck you and (Ruby) your punk friends too
[01:31.24]Ruby blunt lit lungs itch, bitch, I like the sting
[01:34.39]Smoking potent thinking I'm the chosen one, bitch, I'm a king
[01:37.83]I can hear my dead homies sing
[01:40.08]Now my eyes always hurtin', wiping tears with diamond rings, yeah, aye
[01:43.81]Hol' up fuckboy, who the fuck said we cool?
[01:47.06]Man, I quit smoking with hypebeasts back in 2002
[01:50.35]What it do?
[01:51.26]Motherfucker, I'm a fool
[01:52.82]Ruby Da Cherry is ghouling with goblins
[01:54.55]If you got a problem, then you better move
[01:56.03]From the womb to the tomb
[01:57.62]Busting out early, busting out soon
[01:59.34]Black out the city, I'm back on them 30s
[02:00.80]In 'bout twenty minutes we'll be on the moon, uh
[02:02.80]Drugs got me fucked up, sluts got me drugged up, fuck
[02:06.41]Slap my face against a pill to crush it up
[02:09.52]Government ID helps me get high
[02:11.93]Seeing stars in the mirror like I'm looking with a bright beam
[02:15.69]Lime green paint but the rims looking Spike Lee
[02:19.50]Mighty sloppy, might be cocky
[02:20.57]Am I in the right scene?
[02:22.16]Highly unlikely, and I'm willing to fucking bet
[02:25.70]Leave a pussy wet then I leave a pussy wet
[02:29.13]I'm a fucking vet
[02:30.65]I'm a motherfucking threat
[02:32.47]G*59 the set
[02:34.60]G*59 will make you sweat
[02:35.58]”I don't give a fuck” is my fucking epithet
[02:38.70]Lace up my Nike Decades, meet me at Heaven's Gate
[02:42.59]7th Ward by the lake 'till my death
[03:06.66]You'll come off of your drunken stupor from Bourbon Street, Saturday night!
[03:11.54]Get up in time to go to mass on Sunday Mornin
[03:15.49]And you tell God you're sorry for your drunkenness,
[03:19.09]Only to go back out tonight and get wasted again
[03:22.96]Source: LyricsDownloader.Com



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