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Clouds as Witnesses Lyrics Download LRC x PDF

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Clouds as Witnesses LRC Format
[ti:Clouds as Witnesses][ar:$uicideboy$][lang:English][length:02:33.86][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:37.61]Staring at the water looking like a bunch of satin
[00:40.17]Look into my eyes and all you see is motherfucking static
[00:42.47]Toe tagging
[00:43.01]Bitch I'm bagging up the dope
[00:44.28]No ratting to the po'
[00:45.36]Acting like you shy
[00:46.22]Read the latin quote across my fucking throat
[00:48.63]Hoes go, “Oh no, heard this motherfucker likes to give burials and
[00:52.11]I don't know if I want to go with him, he invited me into his home”
[00:55.28]Gave her the number to my phone
[00:56.69]Told her, “Dial up 666 if you need to get a hold of me”
[01:01.09]And hopefully she'll give me a call
[01:04.00]When she is home and free and lonely
[01:06.12]Phone rang twice but I missed both calls
[01:08.93]I was hanging in the hall toll free
[01:25.55]Got a pocket full-a stones
[01:26.94]Watching Game of Thrones
[01:28.21]Bitches on the phone
[01:29.39]Tell 'em me she home alone
[01:30.62]Motherfuck a future, countin' down 'til I die
[01:33.08]Days roll by
[01:34.15]I just wanna get high
[01:35.53]Never ever sober, need drugs for my composure
[01:37.82]Lookin' like I'm dying laying back on the sofa
[01:40.12]Six feet deep
[01:41.50]Three gold teeth
[01:42.67]Zero fucking hopes for this young tragedy
[01:44.95]Days of our lives
[01:46.14]Watch 'em roll by
[01:47.42]Whole fucking family got bloodshot eyes
[01:50.20]Scripts in the kitchen right next to the dishes
[01:52.11]Finger fucking bitches listening to No Limit
[01:54.58]West bank soldier, straight up out the NOLA
[01:56.93]When it comes to this shit, ain't a motherfucker colder
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