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Either Hated or Ignored Lyrics Download by $uicideboy$ PDF/LRC File

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Either Hated or Ignored LRC Format
[ti:Either Hated or Ignored][ar:$uicideboy$][lang:English][length:02:33.81][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:20.39]Yah, yah ($carecrow), Ruby, stay runnin'
[00:22.33]($carecrow, $carecrow, $carecrow, $carecrow, $care-)
[00:24.07]Norf'side, shit, where the fuck that been?
[00:28.76]R.I.P, $lick $loth
[00:33.95]Playa haters surround me like vultures on a dead body
[00:38.23]Get the fuck from 'round me, ain't tryna be yo' fuckin' friend (ayy)
[00:42.55]White boy with the nappy hair
[00:44.74]Bought the platinums, nah, not double-O, bruh
[00:47.10]Bunch of all you thirsty
[00:48.96]Thirty somethin', motherfucker, bald-head headass
[00:53.27]Boy, get off this playa's nuts
[00:55.21]Test yo' luck, might catch slugs
[00:57.28]This that middle finger up
[00:59.55]Shit, fuck a bitch
[01:00.91]And fuck you too for thinkin' we would not make it
[01:04.13]Tell me really (how does it feel?)
[01:06.70]If you were in the field believin' the vision that we living
[01:11.17]Fuck the fluxes of competition, we got the leverage
[01:15.49]Fuck you punks, we stock weapons
[01:17.60].47s, .45s, TECs, poles on deck
[01:21.29]Cut Throat, boy
[01:22.12]There's more than one reason that I'm a-
[01:24.53]Broke boy, ain't broke
[01:25.88]I got a lotta fucking bread, now I've seen the globe
[01:27.95]Muffaletta loaves sittin' in the right and left pockets
[01:30.14]Now my pockets got a lot of fuckin' holes
[01:31.60]Leaving trails of the crumbs so them fuckboys will follow, yeah
[01:34.19]Fill up that hollow stomach with my sorrow
[01:35.92]Tomorrow ain't promised a tough pill to swallow
[01:38.18]But Roxycodone ain't a tough pill to snort, it's a tough pill to kick
[01:41.85]Always fall short, standin' tall with my vice, fuck y'all for the sport
[01:45.02]The money, the bitches, the fame, feelin' like a hoard
[01:47.01]Now I'm smokin' more ports
[01:48.02]And I'm closer to death than I was when I was poor
[01:52.49]Cooking pizzas in the kitchen, passin' out on the couch
[01:54.37]I'll die from being bored (he'll die from bein' bored)
[01:58.55]Sing a sad ass song with just four chords, oh lord
[02:02.74]Sing a sad ass song, another death in the 7th Ward, oh lord
[02:06.71]Sing a sad ass song for Yung $now, putting in hours at the morgue
[02:11.56]Sing a sad ass song for another tally on the sword
[02:13.71]Blizzard storm when I fucking mourn
[02:16.54]Source: LyricsDownloader.Com



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