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For the Last Time Lyrics Download by $uicideboy$ PDF/LRC File

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For the Last Time LRC Format
[ti:For the Last Time][ar:$uicideboy$][lang:English][length:02:36.13][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:12.55]Stay in the cut on the Northside
[00:14.84]Hollow-points, trigger fingers on my fucking .45
[00:18.21]Demons rising out the crypt, I snort me a fat line
[00:21.73]Never gave a fuck, grew up out the mud
[00:24.86]Pull up, then I pop the trunk
[00:26.55]Grew up with the fucking robbers
[00:28.25]Always kept the mask on
[00:29.80]Motherfuckers gon' die if we take the mask off
[00:33.16]Suicide when I ride bitch
[00:35.40]$carecrow the walking shadow
[00:37.19]Mozart with no piano
[00:38.76]Kill when I'm Sleepy Hollow
[00:40.48]That mystic motherfucker that's addicted to prescriptions
[00:43.87]Xanax for the panic, mental problems you can add in
[00:47.32]Multi million owned business
[00:49.22]You just signed a deal, bruh?
[00:50.97]Three years passed, still broke and you ain't paid up
[00:54.36]Dollars I ain't touched yet
[00:55.94]Burn it for the fuck of it
[00:57.56]Infamous lunatic, you? You just suck dick
[01:01.31]Cut throat with the deathwish
[01:02.86]Raised where the savage lives
[01:04.58]Straight out the death pit
[01:06.26]To keep alive the triple six
[01:14.16]Ruby such a Misfit (uh)
[01:16.13]Hollywood Babylon can't resist it
[01:19.34]Fuck a cop, bitch, I'm duckin' all these piglets (bop)
[01:22.90]7th Ward be my motherfucking district (7th Ward)
[01:26.28]Yeah I still got my motherfucking wrist slit
[01:29.44]Bleeding like a pissed bitch
[01:31.29]Scheming I'ma hit licks after licking hits of acid in her fucking split lips
[01:36.23]Wig split just a fucking tidbit
[01:38.78]Dick itch from ingesting pill bits
[01:41.41]Blue bill sick of snorting powder
[01:43.76]I'ma ditch this hunnid for five twenties
[01:46.55]TSA keep testing my money, now I'ma dip quick (later)
[01:50.26]Find me a thick bitch
[01:52.02]Tit gripped, tip gripped, dick spit in her thick hips, fuck
[01:57.45]Fuck with me bitch I'm a-fucking-‘ddicted
[02:00.43]And I don't really give a fuck what it is
[02:03.92]Told you already that Ruby can't resist it
[02:07.44]Big clip to my head watch that shit drip
[02:11.02]Source: LyricsDownloader.Com



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