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Grey Magic Lyrics Download by $uicideboy$ PDF/LRC File

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Grey Magic LRC Format
[ti:Grey Magic][ar:$uicideboy$ & Ramirez][lang:English][length:02:22.76][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:28.86]Suck a dick or duck, bitch
[00:55.34]G-R-E-Y-G-O-D-S. yes, that is the clique-ah
[00:58.21]Grey to the day I die, bitch, I be that Christian resister
[01:02.40]Blood spiller, cup filler, come hither
[01:05.31]Meet the sharp side of my knife become the blood dripper
[01:08.42]Cunt splitter, blunt ripper, never front bitch-ah
[01:12.04]Unleash the fucking clip-ah
[01:13.84]Pistol gripper, bitch dipper
[01:15.92]The Devil motivate me, bitch, I see him everyday up in the mirror
[01:20.15]211, 187
[01:21.68]Break yourself or go to Heaven
[01:23.13]Step into the depths of Hell, the Devil is the lovely reverend
[01:26.16]Triple six up in my veins, $uicide lays in my vision
[01:29.25]Burning down the graceful church and cursing all of Mary's children
[01:32.49]Rose up from the burning flames, now look me straight into my eyes
[01:35.42]Fucking with the G59, I promise this is your demise
[01:38.66]Head inside, unleash my bodies hanging from a tree
[01:41.47]Fucking with the Devil's son, I be the Hellish entity
[01:45.25]Run my fade, mane, what it do?
[01:47.66]$licky creepin' in the night, lurking close to you
[01:50.50]I know you hear my axe scrapin' as I tread the ground
[01:53.67]Start to locking up your doors when I roll in town
[01:56.93]Keepin' a couple pills up in my system
[01:59.20]Pullin' up, screamin, “Who gon' be my victim?”
[02:01.57]Shoot the red bone as I light up the torch
[02:03.15]Blood on my Chevy all from this foe
[02:04.62]Could've been you, but I quick-scoped
[02:06.10]Wondering, “Hoe, who the fuck you?”
[02:07.65]Just a lil' bitch who' gon fuck up my mood
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