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Harvest Moon Lyrics Download by $uicideboy$ PDF/LRC File

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Harvest Moon LRC Format
[ti:Harvest Moon][ar:$uicideboy$][lang:English][length:02:17.06][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:11.89]$loth
[00:18.47]Like my bitches dead, bullet to the head
[00:21.06]Fuck a Fed
[00:21.97]Swanging on the slab
[00:23.26]Get them sprayed with the 12-gauge
[00:24.92]Coming out my grave where I lay
[00:26.81]Trigger finger foreplay
[00:28.65]Sipping on a four, kick the door like the night before
[00:32.84]Lay them on the floor then I'm ghost
[00:34.88]Welcome to the most, triple six, devil shit
[00:37.35]Satan lay me down to sleep
[00:39.19]R.I.P. six feet deep, $uicide be on the creep
[00:42.52]I'm just a young GIF walking with a limp
[00:45.58]R.I.P. to Pimp, sipping dip, take a trip to fuck your bitch
[00:49.03]That triple six, Hades sent
[00:51.50]Smoked a hundred blunts laced with junk, $uicide just hit a lick
[00:55.20]And now I'm sitting on the couch, house is like a drought
[00:58.23]No one fucking in it, fuck my life I'm fucking finished
[01:01.27]I'd let my soul diminish if I hadn't fucking sold it
[01:04.67]Promised everything, that's how the Devil fucking wrote it
[01:13.30]$now Leopard
[01:22.96]Slipping back into the back
[01:24.96]Ruby da Cherry don't know no slack
[01:26.25]I hack up another track and subtract
[01:28.26]That from my fucking stack of scraps
[01:30.12]Me and $loth are fucking wack, and I hate the fact that we rap
[01:33.59]I just want to find a gap so I can fill it with my sap
[01:37.43]Don't give a fuck about the cash
[01:39.25]I just want to ash and laugh it off
[01:41.44]Whenever I be thinking about the past
[01:43.98]Living life every day like I died yesterday
[01:47.13]Stunting like I'm paid
[01:48.42]Tell you right now I've got a gold chain but it's fake
[01:51.84]And I don't even wear it anymore
[01:53.90]I just wanna close my eyes and die
[01:56.08]Leave my body on the fucking floor
[01:58.17]When I say I'm on my grind, it's not because I hustle
[02:01.32]It's because I grind my fucking teeth until the blood puddles
[02:05.03]I'm a hot boy, got a hot head
[02:08.22]Yeah, my blood fucking bubbles
[02:09.91]Got a snakeskin belt tied around my fucking neck
[02:12.89]But, I broke the fucking buckle
[02:14.65]Source: LyricsDownloader.Com



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