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King Tulip Lyrics Download by $uicideboy$ PDF/LRC File

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King Tulip LRC Format
[ti:King Tulip][ar:$uicideboy$][lang:English][length:03:05.29][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:02.80]They changed so much, you know what I'm saying?
[00:09.57]How did these two motherfuckers, from New Orleans
[00:17.85]How did they change, how did they change music?
[00:37.64]Yeah, I was the wave, but now I feel the tide pullin' back
[00:41.61]Ocean flat
[00:42.65]Often I lay in this coffin
[00:44.10]Sleep on my back
[00:44.88]Toss a couple of 'em back
[00:46.27]My liver really startin' to slack, and I can feel myself decayin' from the cigarette packs
[00:49.48]I haven't thought of $UICIDE since I was livin' in the back of Blackout's pad
[00:52.25]My heart torn in half
[00:54.19]Now I've got everything I ever wanted, but now I don't want it
[00:57.62]It feels like I'm haunted, it feels like I'm cursed
[00:59.36]Hopefully soon I'll return to the dirt
[01:01.47]A material world with a virtual nerve
[01:03.22]Yeah, I'll see what it's worth, throw me out on the curb
[01:05.46]Leave me behind, walk a straight line to hell
[01:07.35]As y'all swerve away, lost in the choice not to sell
[01:09.33]Roll me up a blunt, aye
[01:11.69]I need to get lost, aye
[01:13.54]All y'all talkin' 'bout sauce, I'm wipin' frozen cuts with frost
[01:16.90]I'm slicin' open guts, and tossin' frauds off to the side
[01:20.22]Half of $uicide
[01:21.84]A couple million, now we're ready to fucking die
[01:32.98]Two cups and a bad bitch
[01:34.96]Then I pop me a Xanax, quick
[01:37.13]Call Shake when I need that fix
[01:38.83]Call Nick when I need that itch
[01:40.98]Call Krez just to pop on ‘phetamine
[01:43.05]Max Beck in the back, pop 17
[01:44.96]Yung Kurt Cobain with the heroin
[01:47.07]$lick love drugs over everything
[01:48.93]Shoot the stars up in my veins, woah
[01:51.62]But look at your bankroll
[01:53.61]So? Just spend it on more dope
[01:55.44]More woes, fuck you care for?
[01:57.36]But lately, I feel guilty, I feel so badly
[02:00.62]They say I made it, and that should be satisfactory
[02:04.52]Lately, I feel like I have nobody
[02:09.10]All alone in an empty hotel lobby
[02:12.92]4:00 a.m., praying can I get some rest?
[02:16.88]Dreams of $uicide and the need for death
[02:20.83]4:00 a.m., praying can I get some rest?
[02:24.84]Dreams of $uicide and the need for death
[02:34.14]Happening now, streets blocked off as New Orleans police continue to
[02:38.50]Search for the people accused of firing shots at officers
[02:40.36]WDSE reporter, Natalie, she is live in the 7th Ward
[02:43.49]She joins us now live with the latest developments on this; Natalie-
[02:46.84]Hey there, Sean, what started as a traffic stop this morning, or
[02:51.60]Earlier this afternoon
[02:51.97]Has escalated into a large-scale investigation
[02:55.29]With multiple agencies involved on the ground, and in the air
[02:59.38]Right now, two people are in custody
[03:01.30]And police say they are searching for a possible third suspect
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