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Low Key Lyrics Download by $uicideboy$ PDF/LRC File

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Low Key LRC Format
[ti:Low Key][ar:$uicideboy$][lang:English][length:02:02.38][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:35.38]I got a drip, catch me duckin'
[00:37.99]All of these bitches ain't fuckin' me, no
[00:40.20]Can't hold a conversation with no one but my cousin,
[00:42.94]He tell me, “Don't worry, the money is comin'
[00:45.56]These bitches is coming”
[00:49.59]The only question I got now
[00:51.62]Will I see it before I end up dug in the ground
[00:54.48]Lay low
[00:55.88]At the bottom of a tulip bed
[00:58.66]They know
[01:00.23]Ruby gone out on a useless thread
[01:02.93]Cut me up and let me rest
[01:05.14]There ain't nothing in my chest
[01:07.37]The hollow gauge that cause my death
[01:09.65]I'm hauled away, just pause my breath
[01:11.99]Woke up dope sick with a cut wrist
[01:14.08]Lil' bad bitch saying ‘Here's a plot twist”
[01:16.23]When you cut it, you weren't even a little pissed
[01:18.66]Just a grin on your face, saying “Watch this”
[01:20.90]Now I'm sitting back thinking how sick am I?
[01:23.27]But that went away the moment I got high
[01:24.88]I'm saying: “Now what it do, who are you?
[01:27.51]Get the fuck out my living room
[01:29.87]Get the fuck out my mental too”
[01:31.80]But bitch you can't hear when I talk to you
[01:34.35]Now I'm back to square one
[01:36.54]With my hand on the gun
[01:39.05]Mama screaming “Son
[01:41.40]Don't do it, I love you, don't do it, don't do it, don't do it”
[01:44.07]I can't help this feeling
[01:46.04]Don't you see that I need all these prescriptions
[01:48.67]This ain't no living
[01:50.37]It's only a vision of the vicious cycle that is my addiction
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