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Mount Sinai Lyrics Download by $uicideboy$ PDF/LRC File

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Mount Sinai LRC Format
[ti:Mount Sinai][ar:$uicideboy$][lang:English][length:02:25.68][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:28.10]Joe smokin' motherfucker, don't come around me with no vape
[00:32.00]Got yo' bitch under the covers suckin' on me like a bae
[00:35.31]It's the hero of the dark, but I don't ever wear a cape
[00:39.07]Take a Bic, and then I spark until the blunt evaporates
[00:42.59]There ain't no debatin' $uicide, two deep when I ride
[00:46.47]Ruby gettin' high off of the pills that I supply
[00:49.90]Just cruisin' by on flat tires in an '06 Chevy
[00:53.54]Looking like I'm Bloody Mary, sippin' codeine and berry
[00:57.00]I'm Donnie Darko when I spark up and I'm creepin' like Frank
[01:00.82]Raisin' that choppa right at your face, and after that I go blank
[01:04.39]'Cause $lickity off the hinges, with syringes, shootin' up my veins
[01:08.32]Rather be left alone, I don't care to know your name, hoe
[01:26.33]Pull up in a Lamborghini just so you can see me
[01:30.00]Swerve into a telephone pole, my skeleton broke
[01:32.64]Pirellis smoke and burn
[01:34.05]Put my ashes in a blunt and light the front, your vision's blurred
[01:37.70]You might just learn how Ruby da Cherry has seen the world
[01:40.62]Watch me flex like I'm in the next life
[01:43.52]Bitch, I was next in line for Heaven
[01:45.46]But then I ingested a double cup full of that fucking insecticide
[01:48.53]Insects inside my dead body, ironically, after Oddy was identified
[01:52.26]Possibly gotta be specified, 'cause the weather was intensified
[01:55.41]Draggin' the lake
[01:56.29]They made a mistake because Yung Plague was recognized
[01:58.95]The sun turned black
[01:59.89]The sky replaced by the face with giant reddened eyes
[02:02.59]Christ cannot compare, he cannot save by breakin' bread and wine
[02:06.25]$uicideboy$ can relate to the revelations because we dead inside
[02:10.24]Source: LyricsDownloader.Com



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