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Runnin’ Thru the 7th with My Woadies Lyrics Download by $uicideboy$ PDF/LRC File

Runnin’ Thru the 7th with My Woadies Lyrics Download by $uicideboy$ PDF/LRC File download music local lyrics subtitles in the format of PDF and LRC file for free from Lyrics Downloader is one of the best lyrics downloading website that having a big database of lyrics where a user can find subtitles to download for their favorite music player.

Runnin' Thru the 7th with My Woadies LRC Format
[ti:Runnin' Thru the 7th with My Woadies][ar:$uicideboy$ & Pouya][lang:English][length:03:25.84][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:34.12]View from a balcony
[00:35.12]Pool lit up blue
[00:36.05]Lawn chairs next to the ice chest
[00:37.32]Stuffed 2 grams in the blunt that we just blew
[00:39.46]Now I'm getting blown by a bitch
[00:41.00]Who? I don't know her name
[00:42.09]Gold chain hanging got a few in the room, but I don't wear them out
[00:44.85]Only wear them in the house because I shine so bright I don't want to blind you
[00:48.38]Who knew Yung Snow wouldn't melt in the summer
[00:50.99]It's true
[00:51.75]Cold as a polar bear chilling with Stunna and Slick
[00:53.94]I'm surrounded by tulips
[00:55.34]Got me bout two clips
[00:56.54]Got me bout two scripts filled up with Oxy
[00:59.00]Smoke hovers all around my fucking body
[01:00.58]I murdered this bitch named Oddy, yeah I shot him
[01:02.74]Slick got the shovels and we digging all night
[01:04.71]Pouya in the Caddy
[01:05.77]Told him shine the light bright cause I'm digging in darkness
[01:08.12]What was a good day has turned into the usual
[01:10.42]Back in all black like a funeral
[01:25.34]Running from the cops through the motherfucking 7th
[01:27.36]Six bodies dropped and nobody went to heaven
[01:29.57]Block stay hot when I'm creeping with the weapon
[01:32.50]Gotta keep the pills in me all because of my depression
[01:33.88]City of the crest I'm riding with the Smith & Wesson
[01:35.92]Got a motherfucker guessing when I hit em with the blessing
[01:38.02]2 shots to the dome, 6 shots in the chrome more shots for your home nah that's a crime zone
[01:42.28]S U I C I D E
[01:44.58]Scarecrow creeping with Uzi
[01:46.60]Lucifer please come save me
[01:48.70]The crucifix is at my feet
[01:50.86]Walking through the depths of hell
[01:53.03]Watching as the oceans swell
[01:55.16]Grey 59 that's Los Cartel
[01:57.32]Nothing but death in every cell
[02:17.46]She too deep in the flask
[02:19.48]Drinking and thinking gonna lead to a bad decision
[02:21.87]De-ja-vu I've been through it with you
[02:23.77]Multiple times on many occasions
[02:26.17]Contemplating vacating without you, I doubt you the one
[02:29.06]I could be wrong, I could be sprung I could be dumb
[02:32.22]I could be dumbfounded well rounded
[02:34.41]Plus the head game therapeutic
[02:36.05]She knew that she blew it like Nintendo
[02:38.04]You heard me, some of yall butter Kirby [?][02:40.48]My dick game army strong
[02:42.15]My only hope is my song go on for long
[02:44.39]This life ain't promised whether you accomplished
[02:46.52]What you think about inside of your apartment
[02:48.78]You working for nothing you worthless
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