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THE_EVIL_THAT_MEN_DO Lyrics Download by $uicideboy$ PDF/LRC File

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[ti:THE_EVIL_THAT_MEN_DO][ar:$UICIDEBOY$][lang:English][length:02:53.45][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:04.82]You asked me to help you?, How can I when you've kidnapped and stolen?
[00:13.48]For all I know, even murdered, (By nightfall, we will have left your Earth)
[00:20.25](You will not see us until it is time)
[00:24.66]Time for what?, $uicideboy, bitch ($uicideboy, bitch)
[00:27.44]When I die, auction off all my body parts
[00:30.79]Let's see what Oddy cost, under my skull to shotty's cross
[00:34.13]Got all these opps on my dick, like it's made of metal
[00:37.74]Makin' so much money, it's like my boss is the devil
[00:40.46]She loves me, she loves me not, I ran out of petals
[00:43.87]Littered the ground with rose bits, I'll grip this thorny stem forever
[00:47.48]A portrait of my pain, an homage to my suffering, same tale
[00:50.90]I been uncovering, I'm staining your world grey, Y'all get back to coloring
[00:53.64]Sickity-sickity south thug Bach, Shoot up the mass, it will be minor
[00:57.94]Jabbin' my arm, no Pfizer, dick cuffed like it come with priors
[01:01.40]Liars all around me talkin', hugs and love, Attaching kisses that comes with wishes for death
[01:06.81]So they can touch my trust, Fuck, that's some hard motherfuckin' truth
[01:11.46]Still contemplatin' suicide, just upgraded a couple coupes
[01:15.61]Morally bankrupt, call the skank up to pretend she love me
[01:18.69](But I do love you), Ho, don't talk while you fucking sucking
[01:23.76]Uh, should we, I-, that was a little short, bruh, Well, fuck, bro, Can we, can we
[01:29.46]I just did eight bars 'cause I thought you said all you had to say
[01:31.85]Yeah, I got more shit to say, bro, like, Well, I mean
[01:34.27]What? Tell me, They sayin' you lost touch
[01:36.29]Who the fuck say Ruby done lost his touch?, Blame my success on lots of luck
[01:39.91]But lots of luck ain't gonna get your bitch un-fucked
[01:42.91]Blame my absence on the fact that my dick got stuck
[01:46.26]Call me Evergreen, your bitch never seem like she lost touch
[01:49.31]Beggin' me, she wants her jaw fucked, Withdraw from dope before I withdraw my cash
[01:53.28]Use her tongue to collect ash for the stash, I guess I'll smash
[01:56.80]Pull off in the Glee-Wagon, fucked up, I might crash
[02:00.05]Just thoughts and feelings from the half of me that is white-trash
[02:03.03]Bitch, I cheated death, ain't nothin' that I can't do
[02:06.38]Manipulation shawty, I can sell ice to Nanook
[02:09.43]I can sell ice to the jeweler, I can sell Christ like I'm Judas
[02:13.20]Self-righteous type of shooter, make my life insurance shoot up
[02:16.65]Wet screwed up (Wet screwed up), Product of my environment, My therapist was talkin' Freud
[02:21.97]I rolled my eyes, then fired the bitch, Why would I quit?
[02:25.05]My drug of choice is overdosin', duh, My dick got no limits
[02:28.40]I'm Master P pimpin' and makin' the bitches say, “Uh”
[02:33.86]You would be horrified at the sight of us
[02:37.38]Rain, rain, go away, two-hundred on the dash, watch me hydroplane
[02:44.19]Gang, gang, gang's all grey from New Orleans to Ottawa, From Atlanta to the Bay
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