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Unlucky Me Lyrics Download by $uicideboy$ PDF/LRC File

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Unlucky Me LRC Format
[ti:Unlucky Me][ar:$UICIDEBOY$][lang:English][length:02:35.72][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:00.39]Baby, you can call on me, Anytime that you feel the need, (You did good $lick)
[00:11.22]And I'll be there in a hurry, Givin you the best of me
[00:22.01]Southside shorty on them all black forgis, $UICIDE for life, but I ain't touring at 40
[00:27.45]Bitches begging for a ring just cause I can kinda sing
[00:29.97]But the only thing that I want is to be a fucking normie
[00:33.59]Hold up, lil mama, I got them thangs, What about 'em?, What's the problem?
[00:36.84]I got my own, you ain't gotta solve 'em, I promise it won't effect you
[00:40.15]I'm just tryna holla, Starving for attention but I'm not tryna bother you
[00:49.40]I used to come in last, Focused on the past
[00:52.29]Now I'm drifting down the highway until I run out of gas
[00:55.28]Don't wanna be recognized but I ain't wearing a mask
[00:58.00]Just point and fucking wave, I don't wanna be tagged
[01:07.62]Look, I'll call you back after this verse bro, fuck, Aye
[01:12.64]Ima north side playa snorting southside dope, Pull up in the benz
[01:17.00]Give the southside hope, Joe exotic what I'm smoking, Backwood flaming
[01:21.41]Backwoods claiming, (Yo slick what you saying?), Ima praying motherfucker, (Lying motherfucker)
[01:26.43]Okay up and spray a motherfucker if they step in my business, (Keep spraying motherf-!)
[01:30.99]Sorry that's my mental illness, Need to pop me a pill before I finish these lyrics, (Ahhh okay)
[01:40.78]Now I'm stunting like my daddy, Swerving in that caddy
[01:43.84]Thinking about getting high because my fam rather me that way
[01:46.62]Just know that I tried but I think it's time, Sincerely signed, $UICIDE
[01:52.52]You know I keep it nice and warm to satisfy, Baby, you know I have got that kinda love times two
[02:03.26]Boy, I'll do you all night long, Do you anyway you want, I will do you all night long, I wanna-
[02:20.70]Hi Oddy and Scott, Just called to tell y'all, I love and miss y'all
[02:25.79]Hope to see you soon, We can have some gumbo and roast
[02:30.44]Sending love and hugs and maybe one day we can go bowling, Love, Granny
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