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Ugliest LRC Format
[ti:Ugliest][ar:$uicideboy$][lang:English][length:02:58.21][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:02.24]Once you've found the right doctor
[00:05.10]And have told him or her a-about your pain
[00:07.67]D-don't be afraid to take what they give you
[00:10.65]Often, it will be an opioid medication
[00:15.59]Some patients may be afraid of taking opioids
[00:18.68]Because they perceive it as too strong or addictive
[00:23.23]B-b-but that is far from the actual fact
[00:26.66]Less than one percent of patients taking opioids
[00:30.70]Actually become addicted
[00:33.57]Talk my shit (North, North, North)
[00:34.88]Slicky, Cutthroat (North, North, North)
[00:37.57]Ayy, death addict, my mathematics you can't add up
[00:41.10]So tragic, my baggage comes with no backup
[00:43.85]Breakin' patterns, like splittin' atoms, it ain't happenin'
[00:46.64]Cycles spin, psychosis wins, the world spins
[00:49.55]On my motherfuckin' dick likе a whirlwind
[00:51.87]Devilish sins, devilish grins, got motherfuckеrs like
[00:54.67]”Here we go again, this motherfucker Scrim”
[00:57.24]”Can never stop for nada (no), too toxic”
[01:00.07]”Send his ass off to the doctor”
[01:02.27]”Between the Xanny and Suboxones, lost cause, lost hope”
[01:05.28]”He a throw-away-way, way too deep”
[01:08.00]”In this hole where he lay-lay-lay”
[01:09.93]Lay me down to sleep
[01:11.48]Northside Shawty ride curb on creep
[01:14.16]Northside Shawty don't pray where he eat
[01:16.92]But ayy (ayy), soon, we'll see
[01:18.97]A Soulja by the lake buried six feet deep
[01:21.90]Less stress on me, more profit for thee
[01:24.66]Middle finger pokin' out for everyone to come and see
[01:30.10]Lately, lately, lately
[01:33.97]Lately, I've been feelin' brainwashed
[01:36.23]Ayy, ayy
[01:39.36]Lately, I've been feelin' brainwashed
[01:41.16]Like my soul was rubbing against the grain, lost in the same sauce
[01:44.21]I would complain but I'm wearing diamond chains
[01:46.59]Cost more than I care to explain, uh, yeah
[01:50.43]Lately, I've been feelin' out of character
[01:52.42]Bitch left 'cause I embarrassed her, but every day
[01:55.37]I be like a thousand fuckin' miles away
[01:57.62]Blowin' dope, remindin' myself I'm the boss of the Grey, ayy
[02:01.53]Boardin' the plane, what the fuck is a holiday?
[02:04.24]Dreamin' through the day, what were you saying? My mistake
[02:07.03]Fleeting attention, screenshots, and mentions
[02:09.09]Wish I still had an away message, forever stressing
[02:11.90](Live) Live a life in the day, this a day in the life
[02:15.09]I'm still the fuckin' same, covered in spots, not stripes
[02:17.96]From broke to fuckin' paid, this the Grey*59
[02:21.30]$uicide for life, rep it 'til I fuckin' die
[02:24.33](Soulja by the lake-lake)
[02:26.44](Soulja by the lake, Soulja by the-)
[02:29.84](Soulja by the lake)
[02:33.12](Soulja by the l-)
[02:35.27](Soulja by the lake-lake)
[02:37.48](Soulja by the lake)
[02:39.50](Soulja by the lake-lake)
[02:41.44](Soulja by the lake, by the lake-lake)
[02:43.60](Soulja by the lake-lake)
[02:44.47]And any drowsiness
[02:46.46]That might occur when you start to take the medication
[02:49.47]Will soon wear off
[02:50.47](Soulja by the lake)
[02:52.63](Soulja by the l-)
[02:56.00](Soulja by the lake l-)
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