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Paris Lyrics Download by $uicideboy$ PDF/LRC File

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Paris LRC Format
[ti:Paris][ar:$uicideboy$][lang:English][length:01:46.66][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:16.81]Tell me what you know
[00:18.25]'Bout a motherfucker out the bottom
[00:20.30]With a gold grill gleamin', makin all these hoes problems
[00:22.13]Stalker, creepin', out the fuckin' dungeon
[00:24.48]Switchblade on 'em, hit the guts like a pumpkin, dumpin'
[00:27.04]30 rounds of the clip off rip
[00:29.19]Too thick with the stick, bet I won't miss
[00:31.42]Lil' Slick real sick, don't talk shit
[00:33.64]Whip, whip, like a brick scale on fish
[00:36.48]$uicide, night time, no we don't fight crime, oh
[00:40.85]It's the grey five-nine with the real red eyes and we dying inside, oh
[00:45.33]Bodies in fluoride, let the rope untie, just crucify me
[00:49.93]Yung Christ wrists sliced couple hoes on ice singing R.I.P
[00:53.98]Ruby was a motherfucking reject
[00:56.20]Then I cut my wrists and now I motherfucking bleed checks
[00:57.95]Still broke after all the motherfucking weed gets rolled
[01:00.47]Hoes askin' if I see a ghost, tell 'em no
[01:02.22]I just seep smoke when the weeds blown
[01:04.11]She chokes from the deep-throat, three feet of rope, lethal
[01:06.80]Slay the fuckin' sheep, so evil
[01:08.34]I'ma hang myself and then I get to see home
[01:10.56]Ruby a fucking demon
[01:12.82]Ruby got a cult now, hoes tryna bolt down
[01:15.52]Ruby the result of a reject from a small town
[01:18.00]Turned into a demon, I'm evolved now
[01:19.41]Loud growl, snow Leopard on the prowl
[01:21.67]Stay the fuck back hoe
[01:23.42]Slay the whole pack hoe
[01:24.53]Paint the globe black hoe
[01:26.43]Soon I will shed this skin, turn to the devil
[01:29.50]Then I'll never reminisce
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