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Venom Lyrics Download by $uicideboy$ PDF/LRC File

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Venom LRC Format
[ti:Venom][ar:$uicideboy$ (feat. Shakewell)][lang:English][length:02:03.35][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:02.66]Ratatatatatata, boom!
[00:09.30]Ratatatatatata, boom!
[00:12.97]Two strikes, turn that pussy to a sacrifice
[00:15.88]Slash and gut the gar, ash the blunt and park, roll the window down and ask the price
[00:19.01]I've always hated flashing lights
[00:20.67]I'd rather grab the mask and knife
[00:22.30]Snag the cash in spite the fact I smashed your bitch for asking nice
[00:25.55]I'm passing pipes and glass and spikes
[00:27.14]I bag the ice, ignite the rags in gasoline
[00:29.25]One strike of the match and now we talking thrice
[00:32.20]Three strikes
[00:32.87]I might forget the events of tonight
[00:35.14]Ruby all bite, leave 'em bleeding
[00:37.07]Leave the scene and say goodnight
[00:38.98]Cut Throat, Cut Throat
[00:40.08]Cut Throat, Cut Throat
[00:41.33]Cut Throat
[00:41.88]Cut Throat, Cut Throat
[00:42.66]Cut Throat, Cut Throat
[00:45.10]If we got business, motherfucker, let me know
[00:47.32]Everybody know my rep since 1994
[00:50.66]I don't swing high if I got that nine, bitch in Calvin Klein
[00:54.10]Blunts borderline, fuck it, still smoke it anyway
[00:57.57]I be that suicidal worshipped idol
[00:59.70]Filled up with that medication
[01:01.06]Burning bibles, grab your child
[01:02.66]Chopper style a generation
[01:04.21]Reading revelations got me thinking
[01:06.69]Been ready to die but I ain't got no fucking patience
[01:10.34]You feel me
[01:14.33]Ratatatatatata, boom!
[01:18.10]Waking up, dirty sodas get poured in
[01:19.22]I had some blues, but I sold 'em
[01:20.83]Keep K's and Glocks but they stolen
[01:22.80]I might just flip 'em and profit
[01:24.03]Make more off licks, run your pockets
[01:25.69]My OG's poppin a rocket
[01:27.29]I pray to God they free Gozm
[01:28.99]But God don't hear me, these prophets
[01:30.56]Is all too false so I'm mobbing
[01:32.16]If you can't get 'em, I got 'em
[01:33.73]Pull up and handle the problem
[01:35.34]Squeeze three, hear it move through he breeze
[01:37.14]Now you standing bloody, can't breathe
[01:38.72]Got goonies who gone off that tweak
[01:40.37]Sip syrup and drank Hennessy
[01:41.98]That just be the truth through these streets
[01:46.80]Ratatatatatata, boom!
[01:59.54]Ratatatatatata, boom!
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